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One of the advantages of being a renter — it’s easy to find a new home if you decide it’s not the right fit anymore. The reasons for signing a new lease can vary. Maybe you want to live closer to your friends. Maybe you’d rather live in a different neighborhood.

No matter what, here are six signs it may time for you to start gathering moving boxes, packing up and moving out.

What Do I Do If My Rent Increases?

One of the most common reasons to move? Your rent increase. If the uptick is rent is too high or you’re just looking to save some dough every month, it might be time to sign a new lease somewhere else. You could also try to bargain with your current property manager to save money.

“With rental rates expected to rise further in 2017, renewals and longer-term leases – those beyond the standard 12 months – have emerged as a valuable bargaining tool for renters, allowing them to strike a better deal with landlords who, in most cases, consider it more economical to retain a tenant than fill a vacancy,” says Mark Durakovic, principal of Chicago-based property management company Kass Management Services. “If you pay your rent on time, take good care of your apartment and are a thoughtful neighbor, chances are your property manager will want you to stick around and won’t risk you leaving due to excessive rent increases.”

Should I Get a Larger or Smaller Space?

You might move in somewhere and discover that you needed more space. Maybe you’ve acquired more clothes or furniture. Maybe you’re making more or would love a second bedroom for your office or an entertainment room. Likewise, you might also discover that you don’t need as much space as you thought. Chances are high you’ll enjoy spending less every month on space you weren’t using.

How Do I Find a Place When I Get a New Job?

If you just landed a new gig and are looking to slash your commuting time, you might want to find a new home closer to your office. That can make your life easier, even if moving can be a real pain. According to Tracy Crofoot, a community manager at The District at Biltmore apartments in Phoenix, Arizona, a new job is one of the most common reasons renters move.

Breakups or Divorce

The other most common reason renters leave according to Crofoot? Divorce or a breakup. If you’re living with your partner and you split up, you’ll probably need to find your own place.

New Relationship

If you’ve been dating your significant other and are ready to live together, maybe you can move in together. Here are some tips on moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Time for a New Neighborhood

Maybe you don’t like your neighborhood or you were new to the city when you first moved and have found another spot where you’d like to live. No matter the reason, even if you love your apartment, you might be better off in another neighborhood. Say one closer to nightlife, if you love to go out.

Your Home Feels, Well, Old

If you’ve been living in your place for years on end, you might want to consider moving to shake things up. Maybe you can check out a new neighborhood. Just being in a brand new place might reinvigorate you.

When To Move

The ideal time to find new digs?

“Between April 1st and September 1st the most inventory is available and will allow the renter to have the largest selection of units at their disposal. Majority of leasing starts 60 days prior to the projected move date and the peak of the leasing season is in June and July,” says Durakovic.

If you decide to move from your current apartment, check out this post for tips on moving into a new place.

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