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Holidays are always the hardest time to stay on your eating plan. Sweet little temptations are constantly popping up. Seems like we’re still recovering from all the sugary snacks at Christmas and now we have to battle the constant chocolate ads everywhere for Valentine’s Day! So to try and help all you health consciences individuals, here are some tips to help you stay on your eating plan.

Obviously your best option to maintaining your healthy eating plan this Valentine’s Day is to cook dinner at home. Cooking at home will allow you to control the portions and ingredients being put into your meal. However, most people prefer to take their loved ones out during this holiday to show them how much they care. If you & your sweetie aren’t particular about how you celebrate, then opt for cooking at home. Not only is it healthier, but it’s almost always cheaper!!

Next tip is moderation. I’m not even going to say, ‘don’t eat sweets’ because that’s not realistic. Part of sticking to an eating plan is making realistic goals for yourself and you and I both know that not eating ANY kind of sweet on, or near, Valentine’s Day isn’t feasible! Especially since all these little goodies are around the office, your friend’s place, school, etc. So the big key here is to keep it in moderation. Try not to eat too much chocolate or candy, or cut a smaller piece of cake/pie/brownie/etc. Also try and pair your treat with some fruit. Eating a smaller piece of your indulgence with a piece of fruit will fill you up faster, while also preserving your eating plan. This moderation tip also applies to any alcoholic beverage you have at dinner. Although you are sharing a romantic evening with your special someone, try to limit yourself by only drinking one glass. Also make smart choices when it comes to your particular beverage; drinking a glass of wine has a lot less calories than a margarita!

The last and one of the most important tips is to exercise! If you are already setting your mind on the fact that you are going to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, then make sure you exercise to counteract the effects. I know for myself, I am exercising just a little bit longer the day before, the day of and the day after, while also sticking to my normal eating routine. Hopefully my increased gym time will neutralize the increased sugar intake.

Do you have any useful tips to maintaining a healthy eating plan this Valentine’s Day?? Please share them!

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