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No matter where you are, you have neighbors. At work, it’s the person in the next office, at school it’s the student sitting near you and at home it’s the person renting the apartment next to yours. The awkward first encounters between you and your neighbors are always hard to get over, but eventually will help you in the future. Who else will check your mail when you’re on vacation or jot notes down when you skip class?

Everyone has heard the horror stories about neighbors. So to avoid any of those potential problems, here are a few tips for getting to know your neighbors:

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Tip 1: Introduce yourself
The first day you move in will obviously be a busy one, but maybe the second or third day you should go an introduce yourself. Nothing elaborate is needed, just a simple ‘Hello, how are you? I just moved in next door’ type thing will work. Breaking the initial barrier will help prevent any awkwardness in the future when you see him/her.

Tip 2: Wave
Doing such a simple gesture will go a long way in maintaining a relationship with your neighbor. Think about it, wouldn’t a nice wave in the morning to say ‘how are you?’ be a pleasant way for you to start your day?

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Tip 3: Pick up your pet’s messes
If you happen to live in a pet friendly apartment, please pick up their messes. This not only will help your neighbors out-so they don’t have to watch exactly where they are stepping-but will also improve the look of your apartment community!

Tip 4: Set up play dates
During the initial introduction, you made one of the first few days you moved in, you should have been able to find out if your neighbor has any children. If they are roughly the same age as your children, make a play date for the kids to get together. Or if they don’t have any children, maybe you both could visit a local dog park with your animals? Doing this will help you get to know your neighbor better as well as allow your children (or pets) interact with others.

Tip 5: Visit the area and all its amenities
You didn’t search for an apartment that has access to a tennis court, pool or fitness center not to use it, did you? Utilize the amenities your apartment neighborhood offers. If you go to the fitness center often, you’re bound to run into some regulars or visit the pool during the summer and chit-chat with other sunbathers. You will start to create relationships with others and this will give you an overall comfortable feel in your new apartment home!

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