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As a veteran, there are housing programs out there that can help you find a place to rent —or help you stay in your current rental if you are facing financial issues. Veterans have carried a heavy and honorable burden for our country, and veteran housing assistance programs work to help repay the debt our country owes you for your service. Most of these programs focus on giving veterans access to stable, affordable housing, which includes many rental properties.

Renting an apartment or home can be overwhelming, and adding in assistance programs may make it seem more complicated. However, in reality, many of these programs make the process helpful and painless for veterans.

What Services Are Provided Through Veterans Housing Assistance Programs?

Rental payments are not the only kind of assistance veterans can seek from these programs. They also provide things like security deposits and help for veterans who are facing eviction. They also help veterans who are currently homeless find places to live, which could including renting an apartment or home.

Veterans and their families may also be given a case manager and have access to other services through local VA hospitals. Case managers are able to share insights and help veterans deal with issues like medical bills or debt. They can also provide assistance to veterans who are seeking a job or hoping to build their job skills.

The case manager acts as a personal source of contact for a veteran and/or a veteran’s family. If other financial issues arise during the housing process, the case manager can deal with getting other needed resources, like the first month’s rent or assistance for moving costs. These safety nets can provide peace of mind to veterans and their loved ones.

Overall, many of these programs are very comprehensive in their support and can provide huge advantages for veterans and their families.

What Is HUD-VASH? Does It Apply to Rentals?

HUD-VASH is a collaborative program between the VA and HUD that provides housing vouchers, along with supportive VA services, to veterans who are homeless. HUD stands for “Housing and Urban Development,” which is a department of the United States Government. This program is focused mainly on ensuring that homeless veterans have access to affordable housing.

What is SSVF?

SSVF or Supportive Services for Veteran Families is a government funded assistance program for low-income veterans and their families. These services aim to prevent a veteran from losing his or her home and can also help them to find more stable housing if needed.

Assistance Eligibility

Veterans who wish to apply for assistance should be VA health care eligible veterans. Those that are eligible should expect to be active participants in managing and using support services that are provided to them. The use of all these support services together is really the heart of this program, which aims to end veteran homelessness.

Appealing to a Potential Landlord

Once you have secured your assistance, you might be intimidated about seeking a rental agreement. There is no need to worry, because veterans who have assistance actually make very appealing tenants to good landlords.

This means a guaranteed financial benefit for them and their rental, because they know that, even if you face financial hardship, you have payment assistance to see you through those difficult times. VA services provide a safety net for veteran tenants that others do not have. It lowers the financial risk for the landlord overall.

Your landlord will be helping out someone who bravely served their country in addition to the economic benefits. This honor might even help them attract other patriotic renters to their business.

How Can You Apply?

First, you will need to find your local Housing and Urban Development Office, also known as HUD. You can find the nearest office in your city by clicking here. Their website provides an address, phone number, fax, and email for most of the local HUD offices. They may also have a specific email or phone number for HUD rental programs.

You can contact your local VA Homeless Program, contact HUD-VASH directly, or obtain a referral from your case manager, if you are currently receiving assistance through a different VA program. If none of these options are easily available to you, there is also a number you can call: 1-877-4AID-VET, which will put you through to a VA responder who can help assess your housing and support needs.

Have your contact information ready when you make the call, as they may need to follow up with you once you provide information about your current housing/rental situation.

All in all, if you are a veteran who is struggling to find or keep affordable housing, seeking out these programs will be greatly helpful to you. But don’t forget about your pets when choosing a place. Here are the Best Pet Friendly Apartment Amenities to keep on your “want” list.

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