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No matter the season, it’s always a great idea to get your outdoor space in tip-top shape. While an apartment balcony might be a far cry from a deck, balconies do have their advantages. You’ll probably never have to stain your balcony, and there’s a much lower risk of break-ins.

It’s certainly possible to turn a balcony into an awesome place to host parties, entertain guests, or just relax in the evening. Let these ten hacks be your guide to transforming your balcony this summer.

1. Lay Down Artificial Grass

If you live in an apartment but you’re craving the look and feel of a green, landscaped backyard, give artificial grass a try. It is available at most home improvement and big box stores, requires no watering or maintenance, and does a reasonable job of impersonating the real thing.

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2. Install Deck Tiles to Spice Up the Floor

Many balconies come with plain concrete flooring. While rugs and artificial grass can spice things up a little, you can go one step further and lay outdoor tiles instead. These are available in an endless variety of patterns, colors, and sizes. They can be found at the same home improvement stores as the artificial turf. IKEA sells a nice-looking and nicely priced selection, too.

3. Plant a Mini Garden

A garden is a great way to add a personal touch to your balcony. It also makes for a relaxing hobby. To achieve an extra-cool look in an area with limited space, railing planters are a great option. As you’re picking plants, try to find ones that have sun/shade needs that match your patio’s exposure.

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4. Get a Grill

If your apartment complex doesn’t allow gas or charcoal, ask about electric grills—many apartments will make an exception for these because they lack the open flame of a typical grill. And no matter what type of grill you use, make sure you follow proper safety procedures to keep your balcony cool and hazard-free.

5. Grab an Umbrella for Added Shade

If your balcony gets a lot of sun, an umbrella can provide some sweet relief. If space is an issue, you can go with a half umbrella. These are designed to go up against a wall and provide maximum shade while taking up minimum real estate. And you’re sure to make your next door neighbor jealous when they’re roasting in the sun.



6. Add a Bench and Cushions

No outdoor space is complete without somewhere to sit, but it can be hard to squeeze multiple comfy chairs into the sometimes-cramped space of an apartment balcony. If that’s your predicament, try a bench instead. They can be perfectly shaped to fit the contours of a balcony, and you can add pillows and throws to match your décor or add some color.

7. Hang a Hammock

For a more relaxing choice of seating, go for a hammock. A hammock makes for a great spot to hang out, get some reading done, or just catch an afternoon nap. Hammocks don’t have to break the bank, either. There are plenty of options available online, and most home improvement stores sell them as well. Just make sure you get one that either has a stand —otherwise you may have some trouble hanging it.

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8. Set Up a Sound System

A little music can go a long way. Your sound system doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either. There are tons of options for discreet —or even disguised— speakers that work great outdoors. You can also opt for an all-in-one solution with something like a Sonos Player.

9. Hang an Outdoor TV

While you’re setting up speakers, you might as well add a TV, too. With thin, hanging models being cheaper than ever, there’s no reason not to grab one —as long as your balcony is relatively protected from the elements, of course. If it’s not, there are also outdoor TVs available with extra-bright screens and weatherproofing.

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10. Hang Some Lights

Great lighting can make all the difference. A simple hack for balconies with low railings is to string lights along the rails. You can go for soft white or colored lights, or change it up depending on the occasion. If you want to get really fancy, you can also go for smart lightbulbs.

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These ten hacks should have your balcony looking amazing in no time. And this is only the beginning. Get creative and get your balcony ready for its best summer yet! If your balcony isn’t fit for a mock backyard oasis, try one of these strange uses for your cozy outdoor space.

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