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When it comes to hosting a party, finding the right venue is everything. If you lack the space in your apartment itself —or want to finally cash in on that ignored feature of your complex— then using the apartment clubhouse is a great choice.

But how do you make it happen? Are there any hidden surprises? What will your property manager put their foot down on? Here are 16 steps and questions to consider that’ll make the process a breeze:

1. Talk to your apartment manager about the rules regarding a private party at your clubhouse. Make sure you’re clear on whether you’ll be allowed to refuse admittance to anyone and keep your party private. This is really an important step, as you don’t want that creepy guy from down the hall crashing your party and double dipping your chips.

2. Make sure you know the maximum occupancy for the clubhouse, before you start your guest list.

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3. Some complexes require a rental fee and cleaning deposit. Often times cleaning deposits are refundable, but make certain in advance. Make a mental note of the condition of the clubhouse before you start setting up your party, and note the furniture’s arrangement as well as kitchen utensils. This will let you return the area to its original condition.

4. Find out about the availability of televisions, audio or digital equipment, and other electronic devices.

5. Make sure that you have access to the clubhouse’s thermostat. A room temperature of 78 degrees may be fine with only 10 guests, but by the time you add 20 or even 100 guests, their combined body heat can quickly become a problem. If your apartment manager does not allow you access to the thermostat, make sure they have a staff member available to help you on the date of your party.

6. Make a point to ask what all is included in your rental use agreement. Some facilities will not allow your guests to use gym or pool areas, which you’ll want to warn them of before they arrive with a swim suit.

7. Make sure you understand what hours of the day your party is allowed to be held, as some communities refuse use of their clubhouse after dark.

8. What kinds of decorations are allowed and how can those can be attached to walls or other surfaces?

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9. Some communities have board or video games available to you, while others do not; ask in advance. Ask if you are allowed to use any of the property’s common grass areas for a half-time game of flag football?

10. Check on whether or not the community area makes accommodations for guests who smoke. This is important to your smoking guests and they’ll be pleased to know you are considerate about accommodating the needs of all your guests.

11. Find out if your community allows for alcohol to be served at your party. Many clubhouses do, but others may have strict policies to help ensure that there are no under-aged drinkers. If they require a staff member to keep watch at your party, for reasons of legal liability, are you going to be okay with that?

12. Make sure you understand which clubhouse accommodations are available to you and your guests such as parking, restrooms, and handicapped accessibility.

13. Ask about what areas of the clubhouse are available for your use, especially with regards to any kitchen facilities; stove top, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, barbecue grills, or microwaves. It is important for you to know for certain about these areas, as some clubhouses reserve them specifically for their own staff’s use only.

14. Also ask about other kitchen items that are available for your use; cookware, plates, glasses, and silverware items. Find out if you will need to supply your own garbage bags and cleaning materials.

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15. Ask about catering services and if they have any recommendations.

16. Make sure all agreements with your apartment manager, regarding your party, are in writing. Have the specific date you are holding your party written into your agreement so there is no confusion later.



Most importantly, have fun. Planning a party doesn’t need to be stressful. Making sure you are aware of all your apartment complex’s clubhouse rules, well in advance of your party, will set the stage for a more peaceful and relaxed environment for both you and for all your guests. Then it’s all about having the right drinks and food!

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