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Warmer weather means that garage sale season is upon us! Before you head out of your apartment hunting for new-to-you treasures, there are a few tips you should know to make the most of your experience.

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Let technology work for you. Like with everything in the modern world, when you are searching for great garage sales near you there’s an app for that. Smartphone apps like Yard Sale, Treasure Map, and Garage Sales by Map allow you to search multiple online garage sale listings to pick which sales are best for your needs.

Hit up the “fancy” neighborhoods. Remember when you were little and you knew which neighborhood gave out the good candy on Halloween? The principle is the same here. If there are local neighborhoods that are more likely to have higher quality garage sale items, prioritize those sales.

Timing is everything. When it comes to garage sales, the early bird gets the worm and the late bird gets the deals. Set your alarm to hit sales early to have first dibs on the items for sale. On the other hand, you might want to visit sales at the very end of the day when sellers will be willing to take less for their items just to get rid of them.

Plot your route. Once you have chosen several garage sales to patronize, you will want to plot the most efficient route between them. Sites like Multiplottr allow you to copy and paste multiple locations into the software, and then get directions from one place to another.

Dress for success. Comfy shoes are a must, beyond that you will need to gauge the weather to pick appropriate clothes.

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Small talk makes a big difference. Don’t be afraid to engage the sellers in conversation. Be complimentary about their home and the items for sale. NEVER make fun or speak disparagingly about the things they are selling.

Measure up. If you are on the hunt for furniture items, it is smart to bring a small measuring tape along with you to make sure you aren’t spending money on items that won’t fit in your space. Remember, all sales are final.

Everything is negotiable… unless it’s not. Don’t be afraid to ask if the sellers will take less than the marked price for an item or if they are willing to bundle several items together at a discount. But, if they are not open to negotiation, respect that and move on. Never try to bully a seller into a deal.

Cash is king. Be sure to have cash on hand as the vast majority of garage sales only accept it. Smaller bills will be especially appreciated.

Bag it up! Bring your own reusable shopping bags in case sellers don’t have plastic bags for your purchases. You will thank yourself later.

10 Tips for Shopping Garage Sales - ForRent.com
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If you the one having the garage sale, be sure to check out For Rent’s tips for sellers too. Good luck this garage sale season, and may the bargain hunting odds be ever in your favor!

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