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Summer is right around the corner, which means everyone’s spending more time outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. Enjoy your own outdoor space with these five clever ways to beautify your apartment balcony:

1. Camouflage – Hang camouflage across your balcony to add extra green and increase privacy for a temporary way to decorate your outdoor space!

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Apartment Therapy

2. Tension Rods – Create a comfy sitting area on your balcony by adding pillow cushions with straps to a tension rod. Post them between your apartment and balcony rails for a makeshift outdoor couch.

creative outdoor seating for apartment balcony - ForRent.com


3. Rugs – Extend your outdoor space with decorated rugs and colorful pillows. Incorporate your favorite fabrics to the underside of your upstair neighbor’s balcony for a cozy bohemian look. As a courtesy, ask them ahead of time if they’re okay with it as well!

bohemian style apartment balcony - ForRent.com

Gypsy Lolita

4. Trunks – Use a trunk as a multifunctional piece of furniture to double as not only a table but a great place to store extra outdoor throw pillows, cushions, and/or accessories.

outdoor trunk table for apartment balcony - ForRent.com

Inside Homes

5. Crate Boxes – Upcycle pallet crate boxes as extra balcony seating or side tables. Paint them your favorite color, or customize it to match your current balcony decor!

pallet bench for apartment balcony - ForRent.com

House and Home

For more outdoor inspiration, be sure to check out Sonya Barker’s blog, three ways to maximize your outdoor space and download a FREE copy of the Spring Decor Trends.

Which of these creative apartment balcony ideas are you most likely to incorporate in your home? We’d love to hear your opinion. Please leave your answer in the comment section below!


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  1. These are great ideas. About #5 – where do you store all these trunk, furniture etc. when it’s raining if there is not big overhang – as shown in your photo? Do they all have to be brought inside?

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