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‘Tis the season for cleaning and organizing your home. If you have been bitten by the bug, start with our 5 things to purge from your home today. These are all quick and easy spaces where almost everyone has some clutter that can be eliminated. Once you tackle these quick wins, you can move onto the more difficult areas of your home. Starting out on the right note will give you the confidence to move on and clear that clutter for good.

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Paper, paper, paper. It seems to accumulate on every surface and in every drawer. Start by reducing the amount of paper in your home for a quick and easy way to jump start your battle with clutter. Look around your home for an area that seems to overflow with paper. Sort the stack into paper you can get rid of, things that need to be filed, and paper that needs attention of some sort. Then do your best to shred, file, and productively eliminate as much of that clutter as you can.

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Move onto the kitchen and the items that can be purged from this area. Look at your counters and cabinets with new eyes. What items do you really use and which are just taking up space? Create a pile of gadgets and appliances that you have not used in the past 6 months. Which of these can you donate? You might be surprised at just how many of those kitchen gadgets are just taking up space in your home.

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Head into the bathroom and take a look at those health and beauty supplies. Clear out your cabinets, baskets, and bins. Take a look at the amount of supplies you have. Which are you using regularly and which are just taking up space? Do you have containers that are almost empty? Clear the clutter then put what is left back in an organized fashion. The bathroom is usually small but a place where we tend to accumulate things we really don’t need. Will you ever use those bath salts? Do you have fragrances of soap or lotion that you don’t love? What about expired and old make up, medicine, and more? Free your bathroom from all of that excess clutter.

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Your closet may perhaps be the largest area of unused clutter in your home. Set aside a day and look at your wardrobe with new eyes. Pick out things you regularly wear first and put those in a keep pile. Look at everything that is left! These are all things that you do not regularly wear but they are taking up precious space in your home. Go through these lesser-worn items and really try to donate as much as possible. You can even try hosting a clothing swap. You will be left feeling lighter and your closet will look so much better!

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Last but not least, you can usually get a quick win with office supplies in your home. How many pens do you actually need anyway? Whether you have a desk, office space, or just a junk drawer, look at what you actually use, and clear the clutter from any size space.



These 5 items are easy to purge from your home once you take a look at the space from a fresh perspective. What do you actually use and what is just taking up space? Sell or donate your unwanted items and you will be left with a cleaner home that is easier to maintain. Now which areas will you tackle next?  There is plenty more clutter lurking in drawers, bins, and boxes in your home!

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About :

Angie blogs at The Country Chic Cottage about DIY, home decor, crafts, and recipes. When she is not blogging, you can find Angie hanging out on her farm with her hubby and three kids. Angie has a love for all things farmhouse especially mason jars. Be sure to follow along with Angie's blog for more. Visit The Country Chic Cottage


  1. I just de-cluttered my kitchen cabinets this weekend! Plenty of stuff tossed in the donate bin. It is amazing how much stuff was in my house that I didn’t even remember was there.
  2. Hi Angie! Great tips! I will be applying some of these this coming weekend. 😉 Thank you. Pinning!
  3. Mother of 3 says:
    Great areas to de- clutter.  For us this year was the year to go through all of our bookcases and purge outgrown books.  We had so many books for younger kids that we were no longer using and many more that we had read, enjoyed, and had no desire to read again.
  4. It’s time for another round of decluttering at my house! I find it’s easier to toss things I’m no longer using when I know those items can be donated to someone or some place that can make good use of them. Thanks for the reminder.
  5. Great tips.

    We should keep up on “purging” throughout the year so that this time of year isn’t so daunting. right?

    anyway…have a great one.



  6. Great tips! I’m going to share this with my daughter and cross my fingers she does some of these things… we are moving her to a new apartment and for a 26 year old she has SO.MUCH.STUFF. I’m totally not looking forward to packing and moving all that crap! I’m going over there today and I’m going to try and get her to do some of these things! Wish me luck!


  7. Jean | DelightfulRepast.com says:
    Thanks for the encouragement! My office is my sticking point, with piles of paper all over my desk! Going to hit it next week.
  8. I’m all about those bathroom drawers and the health and beauty stuff … it adds up quick! Thanks for sharing your purging tips!

  9. Taylor-Made Homestead says:
    I’ve been thinking it’s time for a purge in our home.  We’re pretty good about being mindful of the things that come into the house but every now & then it’s a good idea to do a quick sweep.  Thanks for the motivation!  (I saw your post on the Simple Saturdays Hop)


    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~


    • Hi Taylor!
      We are glad you found this article inspiring. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of letting go of unneeded stuff that’s hanging around, taking up space!

  10. Great ideas!
  11. Great tips Angie, especially the first one about paper clutter. I swear they make little paper babies while I’m not watching. How do they do that?
  12. Great tips for purging! Thanks for sharing with us over at Funtastic Friday!  I’m going to be purging my papers tomorrow 🙂

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