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You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy Downtown Las Vegas. Over the past couple of years, the downtown area has been transformed into a local hot spot for good eats along with unique entertainment.

The name says it all. Container Park is made up of large shipping containers located right in the heart of downtown on the corner of Fremont Street and South 7th Street. It has an interesting blend of upbeat entertainment, shops, and delicious food choices. While visiting Downtown Container Park, make sure you check out these best selections.

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Unique Entertainment

Weekly Events
The cool part about Container Park’s entertainment is it really does have a countless number of options to choose from. Every week, there are free events, including live music, movies in the park (during summer and spring), and seasonal events such as Halloweekend in October. You will find an events calendar on the Container Park website with monthly listings of upcoming events. Along with weekly events, there are some additional entertainment options available every day of the week, including the following.

Oversized Praying Mantis
The first thing you’ll notice as you enter Container Park—besides the large shipping containers—is a sculpture of an oversized praying mantis. Along with the mantis being ferociously big, it’s also known for shooting fire from its antennas after dark, which will be sure to keep you awake and warmed up.

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The treehouse found at Container Park is no ordinary treehouse. It has a number of slides, with one reaching a whopping 33 feet tall, creating fun for all ages. At night, you’ll see grown-ups expressing their inner kids as they have a blast on the Container Park treehouse.

Kappa Toys
Speaking of bringing your inner kid out, Kappa Toys is a store that will take you back in time to memories of your favorite toys you enjoyed playing with as a child. The store is set up with the expectation that you will enjoy some great laughter and fun.

Chalk Wall
If you have a knack for creativity, be sure to check out the long chalk wall found at the right side of the events stage, where you can express yourself through an array of colors, words, and imagery.

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Good Eats

After spending some time experiencing the great entertainment, you’re probably ready to sit down and enjoy some grub. Container Park has tasty eats of different kinds, including barbecue and hot dogs, along with shops that offer take home goodies for later. You can’t go wrong with any of these eateries, no matter what you’re in the mood for.

This gourmet hot dog shop is known not just for its best quality ingredients, but also for the experience. Cheffini’s offers a combination of flavors to choose from for under $10, such as the El Mexicano, which comes with bacon, avocado, onions, tomatoes, green sauce, chipotle guava, garlic aioli, and cherry pepper relish, all garnished with cilantro for mouth-watering goodness. If you like to keep it simple, you can order a grilled frank with your choice of two toppings and sauces.

Big Ern’s BBQ
Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more southern style. In that case, you’ll enjoy Big Ern’s BBQ. All the meat is slow smoked, making it the real deal in Downtown Las Vegas. The side dishes are made from scratch, creating a deliciously home-cooked meal. Enjoy your food on Big Ern’s porch out front with a direct view of the towering treehouse.

JoJo’s Jerky
If you want to have a yummy snack for later, JoJo’s Jerky offers the best jerky in town. The great part about this bite-sized jerky shop is the blend of samples they offer their visitors, giving you confidence in the taste you take home.

Sweet Spot Candy Shop
You don’t always see traditional neighborhood candy shops anymore, and that’s why the Sweet Spot Candy Shop will bring you back with its old-time feel all dressed up with a pretty in pink design. The shop is filled wall to wall with memorable candies and even has your favorite soda pop in a classic bottle.



Ready for some fun in Vegas? Now you’re prepared with this list of unique entertainment and good eats at Downtown Container Park that will keep you coming back for more. Be sure to invite your friends and make it an experience to remember.


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