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If you’re like most people, you probably own way too much stuff – and if you happen to be an apartment resident, you also have less room for all that stuff! Figuring out where to store and organize a surplus of possessions (some of which you probably don’t even use) can be stressful no matter how large or small your home.

What to do? For many Americans, a yard sale is a potentially lucrative and reasonably easy way to unload your extra things. It can be done even if you don’t own a lawn or driveway to set your project up on. And the payout is real: The average weekly revenue from yard sales in America is more than $4 million. There’s no reason you shouldn’t join in on the fun.

Not sure where to begin? If you’re new to the game, read our tips for apartment-friendly yard sales and be prepared to enjoy less clutter, more space and a little extra cash in your wallet!

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No Yard? No Problem!
First things first: The very words “Yard Sale” suggest you have — ya know — a yard to set up your things on. Well, if you’re an apartment resident, guess what? Oops, you don’t.

But don’t let a little thing like that stand in your way. There are lots of alternatives. You can use public space in front of, inside of or around your apartment community. There’s just a few set rules you’ll need to follow.

Number one: Always check with your property manager first. He or she can inform you about rules and regulations, both private (for the property itself) and public (the surrounding areas). You’ll also want to check in with your city or town hall; staff there also can suggest alternative locations if selling at your apartment is not permitted.

Whatever you do, do not set up shop on public property without obtaining formal permission. However, if all proves to be kosher, you can go ahead and sell right in front of your apartment. Just be careful not to block sidewalks or spill into the street, where you might disturb others.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) sell in front of your building, investigate options within. Inquire about a community room or public space that you can use for a day or two, or you can even put together a sale right in your own apartment!

Maximize With Collaboration

The biggest (and most unique) advantage of apartment yard sales happens to be right next door. Your neighbors! Join forces with your fellow residents for a multi-sale and maximize your earning potential while having fun and socializing.
More participants mean more items … and the more items you have, the better chance you’ll have for a robust and successful sale.

If you have decided to start a sale and want to recruit your neighbors to see who’s in, try putting up Post-its or flyers in your building to gauge interest (as always, check with your property manager first). Once you’ve received some replies, go ahead and make it a party! Get to know your neighbors better while you come together to sell. You can collaborate on everything from setup to cleanup and even enjoy some well-deserved refreshments while you work.

Sell Like a Pro

Once you’ve established a place to have the sale, try some tips to make buyers excited to both browse and purchase your inventory.

First and foremost: Advertise! Create clearly marked signs (click here for some tips) to post around your neighborhood so people know where to go. Don’t place signs out too early — they may get torn down; two days before the sale is the ideal time to do this.

You also will want to notify everyone online — Craigslist is a good place to start, as is your own personal social media network. Spread the word via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — and encourage your friends to share.

Once you have everything set and ready to go, make sure the space you are selling in is attractive to all your senses: Flowers, music and even snacks and drinks all create a positive selling atmosphere. You will also want to organize your items for a pleasing display; make sure all are marked with a price and are easily accessible on tables or on racks where they can be picked up and examined.

Don’t be afraid to be creative! Group similar toys, clothes, books, etc., together in attractive settings. If selling powered or electronic items, plug them in to show they work. And you can also entice prospective customers with a “free” box full of items for buyers to browse through.

Getting Rid of It the New-Fangled Way

If the thought of all the planning and execution involved in a physical yard sale is not your thing, remember that this is the 21st century. The ultimate yard sale for those with no yard is a virtual one! Sell your things online and save yourself from much of the hassle.

If you decide to go the online route, keep in mind the obvious sites are still some of the best places to unload your unwanted items: eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. You can also sell or swap using your personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. Using social media is a plus, as you can deal directly with buyers and avoid the transaction fees that the big services charge.

Ready to gain some room back in your apartment? Start planning, and happy selling in your small space!



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