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Bookcases can be a boring part of an apartment, or they can be a fun part! Try these tips to spruce up your bookcase and make it a lively focal point of any room.


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  • Paint the shelves and insides of your bookcase a different color


  • Put solid colored items on colored shelves


  • Display all of your pictures on bookshelves


  • Group like colored items together for easy organization


  • Use bookcases in the kitchen to store recipe books and interesting pots and pans


  • Take the outdoors inside and store seasonal finds such as seashells and pine cones


  • A bookcase in a sitting area can hold coffee and teapots, mugs, and sugar


  • Make your own bookends using old vases or ceramics


  • Painting your bookcase white gives a beach feel to any room


  • Attach a chalkboard to the side of a bookcase for easy note taking or doodling


  • A tension rod placed under the top of your bookcase with curtains hides your belongings. You can use fabric that matches the room or make a statement with an accent color.


Try these neat bookcase ideas out in your apartment for the spring. New surrounding will freshen up the room and make you feel ready for a new season and warmer weather.


Photos from: BrettJordan

Information from betterhomesandgardens

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