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Cats make great pets for apartment dwellers. When compared to dogs, they’re typically less maintenance, are more self-sufficient, and require less training.

However, all cat breeds are not created equal. There is of course a pet’s individual personality, but there are also overarching trends by the cat’s breed. The goal is to choose a cat breed that matches your lifestyle, personal preferences, and apartment.

Start by asking yourself these questions to help determine what characteristics you are looking for in a cat and how well they will acclimate to your pet-friendly apartment.

Shedding: How often are you willing to groom, and how much cat hair are you willing to vacuum?

Schedule: Are you away from home most of the day and need a cat that can be alone?

Neighbors: What’s your apartment setup? How soundproof are your walls?

Activity Level: Would you prefer a social feline or one that’s low energy?

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Best Short Hair Cat Breeds for Apartments

At 6-11 pounds, Bombay cats can be playful, charming, and a great fit for an apartment. They are people-oriented and enthusiastically greet visitors. Their short hair only needs grooming once a month, which will help keep your apartment clean between groomings.

Cornish Rex cats are typically active and affectionate. Weighing 5-9 pounds, they are minimal shedders and are good for people with hair allergies. They are quiet, making them a good pet for those whose neighbors are sensitive to noises. But they are also very social and like a lot of attention, which may not suit your lifestyle if you are gone from home for long periods of time.

With a playful and charming disposition, Havana Brown cats are a quiet breed that weighs 6-10 pounds. They only need grooming once a month, but they are very social and do not tolerate being alone for extended lengths of time.

The British Shorthair is a larger cat at 9-18 pounds. It is calm and low-energy. It tolerates being alone very well, and is reserved with strangers, but enjoys people. Groom this breed weekly.

For a quiet lap-cat, the LaPerm is a 5-10 pound breed that is friendly and people-oriented. It needs weekly grooming and plenty of human companionship.

Despite the Snowshoe‘s infamy from Grumpy Cat memes, it’s an affectionate and sweet breed. In many ways, the breed is the opposite of its reputation. It doesn’t like being left alone and needs company and attention. However, that company doesn’t need to be human and having two cats may work. It’s an average shedder but is easy to groom. It can be vocal, but contradictory to its online persona, it has an above average friendliness towards strangers.

The Siamese breed rarely needs grooming and is sociable and affectionate. It likes a lot of attention so it’s not ideal if you spend lengths of time away from your apartment. Weighing 8-15 pounds, they can at times be vocal and active.

Best Medium Hair Cat Breeds for Apartments

Ragdoll cats are quiet and low energy. At 8-20 pounds, these quiet and low energy cats are very tolerant of extended periods of time at home alone. Expect to groom them weekly.

An even-tempered American Wirehair weights 8-15 pounds. They need less frequent grooming, only about once a month. And though they’re very adaptable to new apartments and territories, they can be vocal.

A Scottish Fold cat is a mellow and loving breed. Expect to groom these 5-11 pound felines once a week. They’re typically quiet cats, but they bond to one person, making them not an ideal match if you entertain often in your apartment.

The Tonkinese is a 6-12 pound playful and active cat. If you’re not a fan of cleaning, this is a good cat breed because it rarely needs grooming. However, it can be vocal at times. It is a lap cat that craves human attention, making it a perfect match if you desire a constant companion.

Best Long Hair Cat Breeds for Apartments

Persian cats weigh 7-14 pounds and are extroverted but with low energy. Friendly towards strangers and quiet, these cats do fine when left at home for long periods of time. They are heavy shedders, however, so expect to groom them daily.

If you have allergies to cat hair, the Siberian breed is a great choice. It needs weekly grooming, but this 8-16 pound cat is quiet and gets along with others. With a cuddly disposition, they are a powerful and athletic breed that likes to problem solve.

Preparing Your Apartment for a Cat

Even when living in a small space or studio apartment, having a cat tree for your pet to perch on can help them feel more secure.

And while cat scratching is instinctive behavior, getting a scratching post can redirect their behavior to something other than your couch or carpet.


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