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As the weather starts to drop we all tend to stay indoors more, which is why our focus now becomes the environment surrounding us. And we sure have some great ideas to cozy up your apartment for the cooler weather! Starting with the colors, textures and other accents to incorporate that will give your apartment a ‘sit down and get comfortable’ feel.

Fall Colors:
The Autumn Harvest showcases rich colors all around us. Taking inspiration from the changing of the leaves, colors such as gold, orange, red, brown, green and even a soft white prevail in home decor. Keeping your color scheme and design as natural as possible is essential, as this time of year is all about celebrating the glorious beauty nature provides for us. Most apartments for rent do not allow paint to be used; therefore, I would recommend the best way to include these colors is with accent pieces. Things such as a tall green vase with twigs blooming out for a centerpiece on the dining room table, a red and gold bowl filled with pinecones on the entertainment stand, or several framed photographs with the matte changed to reflect these colors, are perfect examples of making little inexpensive adjustments to your apartment’s decor.

Outdoorsy Textures:
When our body gets cold, we tend to put on another layer; whether it’s a sweater or a jacket or socks. And just as we do with our own body, our home needs many layers to give it a warm feeling. Layers can be placed throughout your apartment; for example blankets and throw pillows on the sofa, bed linens and even towels in the bathroom. Warm fabric touches everywhere will provide the pleasant and inviting atmosphere you want for your apartment home.

Additional Accents:
As we mentioned in a previous article, Top 5 Autumn Decorating Tips, creating a wreath is a great way to instantly greet your guests with a simple but homly touch. Use elements from the outdoors such as pinecones, twigs, acorns, leaves, etc. Other great accessories that are simple and inexpensive are candles. They provide such wonderful fragrance to your home while simultaneously creating a friendly environment.

I’m sure many of you have additional ideas or tips as to how to decorate for fall. So why don’t you let us know? It would be great to have our readers provide decorating tips that have worked for them!

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