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Not only is Charlotte sprouting with apartment communities offering resort like amenities, the city is also pampering locals with a surge of coworking spaces. Apparently, the work-from-anywhere crowd has grown tired of jostling for outlets in coffee shops and are taking “root” in offices spaces that offer the freedom and open space vibe of the cafes they once so loved. Many of these spaces have birthed popular startups like Brewpublic and DealCloud.

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Of course, not all co-working spaces are for tech start-ups. Some cater to freelancers, solo-prenuers, makers, artists, and writers. Here’s a list of some of the top coworking spaces in Charlotte sorted by vibe:

Best Co-Working Space for Entrepreneurs —A Tie between Packard Place and Industry

Both Packard Place and Industry have sparked some of the Queen City’s most popular start-ups. Industry helped give Charlotte Brewpublic, and Packard Place brought the city the Iron Yard. Yet, each of the two spaces operates in its own unique way. Packard Place in Uptown offers everything from co-working spaces at HQ Charlotte to suite and multi-room office spaces. The goal is for entrepreneurs to start in co-working spaces and then graduate up the chain as they experience success. Packard Place is also home to six-accelerator programs and offers 300 startup orientated events a year (some public and some private).

Industry’s location alone in the NC Music Factory inspires an industrious creativity to build something great. At over 30,000 square feet, there’s plenty of room for growth. Industry also runs one of the fastest internet connects in town at a gigabyte of fiber. Membership ranges from open desks to dedicated desks to private offices. No matter which monthly plan you choose, free coffee and unlimited ping-pong is yours!

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Best Co-Working Space for Makers – C3Lab

C3Lab in South End was designed to be a co-working space and so much more. C3Lab lives up to its mantra of “Connect + Collaborate + Create” with not only membership for shared spaces but also private lab spaces and artist studios / makerspaces. Membership also includes free coffee, snacks, and unlimited table tennis / basketball. C3Lab not only helps spur creativity with its energizing indoor space, there’s also an outdoor workspace and regularly held entrepreneurship and artist inspired workshops.

Best Co-Working Space for Community – Advent Coworking

The best way to describe Advent Coworking in the Queen City’s Belmont neighborhood is a college dorm for solo-prenuers. Member benefits include free bike rentals, free yoga, free coffee, and themed days. They also host regular events to help inspire the creative community like F*ck Up Night, Show and Tell business sharing lunches, and Art, Beer, and Creative Folks —all of which are advertised on the Summer Camp board.

Currently, Advent does not offer private offices. However, members get the need for privacy. When you don’t want to be bothered by another member, simply place a yellow duck next to you or pop into a “phone booth” or conference room. In addition to the open work space, Advent also rents out a podcast studio. The best part though? Advent shares a building with Catawba Brewing.

Best Co-Working Space for Writers – Charlotte Lit

Probably the most non-traditional of the co-working spaces on this list (which themselves tend to be non-traditional), is Charlotte Lit in Plaza Midwood. The non-profit’s aim is to not only provide writers with a comfortable and creative space but also a community for their writing to flourish. Charlotte Lit offers writing workshops, reader events with local authors, literary conversations, write-ins, and open-writing studio times.

Membership to Charlotte Lit is tiered starting with General Membership, which provides access to open-writing studio times, admission to Wedensdays@Lit, and a discount on workshops. At the upper tier is McClullers Society Members, which includes all of the above plus a three-hour editorial consultation and two-tickets to the annual Charlotte Lit birthday celebration.

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Best Co-Working Space for Jetsetters – Regus

Regus may be a known commodity in the co-working space. However, with over 3,000 locations worldwide, including 11 here in Charlotte, it’s the perfect shared office solution for those who are constantly on the go. Membership allows access to a spot in any Regus location around the world with options ranging from co-working space to full office suite. Regus also has extra perks like receptionist services.



Once you get your work done, make sure to check out what Charlotte has to offer in outdoor activities —time for play!

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