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Watching cartoons as a grown-up is the best kind of TV. While we’ve been watching some adult cartoons for decades (like “The Simpsons”), other shows (like “BoJack Horseman”) lend themselves to binge-watching on Netflix, where we can go through a whole season in a weekend.

Since apartments are our business, we were naturally tuned in to the apartments where our favorite characters were living. Here’s what we found out about the apartment rental costs in adult cartoons.

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The Simpsons

While the fictional town of Springfield has lent itself to much speculation about which state it is located in, we know far more about its local neighborhoods. Homer and his family live in the ‘burbs, but there are several characters living in apartment buildings.

Krusty the Clown’s apartment was notably featured in the episode where he got arrested. It’s a one-bedroom, one-bath on the second floor, and the apartment is average, despite its tenant’s occupation. Monthly rent costs $825.

Mrs. Krabappel also lived in an apartment before she moved in with Ned Flanders. It’s a second-story corner apartment with an exterior hallway. The apartment complex is on Evergreen Terrace, just down the road from the Simpsons’ house. Her rent was $1,100 per month.

Apu’s apartment is in a three-story walk-up building. The unit he rents had been subdivided into many bedrooms for Apu, his wife and their eight children. Monthly rent in the nicely landscaped apartment building is $1,600.

Moe does not live at his tavern. Instead, he rents a garden-level studio in downtown Springfield. It has retro black-and-white checkerboard floors in the kitchen and exposed brick walls. Rent is estimated at $625 per month.

Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma, rent a two-bedroom unit in the Spinster City Apartments. The apartment building allows smoking and is pet-friendly, so the sisters have permission to keep Jub-Jub the iguana. Monthly rent is $950.


BoJack Horseman

This newer show is located in an area of Los Angeles called “Hollywoo,” which is based on Hollywood, except that in a season 1 episode, the iconic Hollywood sign lost its “d” when it was hauled away by a helicopter.

Princess Carolyn’s apartment is a mid-century modern pad in the building “Tabbywood.” The two-bedroom, one-bath includes a second-story balcony and rents for $2,100 per month.


South Park

South Park, Colorado, is a suburb near Denver. ForRent.com predicts that, as adults, Kenny, Eric, Stan and Kyle will start renting apartments in the “City Part of Town,” or CtPaTown. This gentrified neighborhood is just an easy walk to restaurants like City Wok and stores like Whole Foods Market. Apartment rentals go for $950 each.



Set in New York City, Sterling Archer’s luxury apartment is a Manhattan penthouse with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This sweet place is great for entertaining and rents for $4,600 per month.

Sterling’s mother, Malory Archer, lives in an Upper East Side co-op that is possibly on Park Avenue or 5th Avenue. Her two-bedroom, two-bathroom also has a formal dining room and ample space for entertaining. Her rent is $2,700 per month.

George Spelvin lives in a spacious one-bedroom loft in SoHo. The repurposed industrial building has great natural light and high ceilings. Rental cost is $3,800 per month.



The teenager lived in the fictional town of Lawndale, which is thought to be a mid-Atlantic suburb outside a city like Baltimore or Philadelphia. In 2017, the show’s creators gave an update on where the characters are now:

A grown-up Daria moved from the suburbs to a Hell’s Kitchen apartment where she pays $3,390 in rent. “She lives alone — except for her black cat named Godzilla, who is toilet trained,” said co-creator Susie Lewis.

Jane grew up to be a professional artist. She lives in a SoHo loft with her husband, and they split the rental cost of $3,875 per month.

Trent now lives in Queens with his four bandmates. He works as a bartender to help pay his rent, which is $979 per roommate. Luckily, utilities are included in this five-bedroom Victorian.


The Critic

Set in Manhattan, the show’s main character, Jay Prescott Sherman, is rumored to live in Trump Tower because he is seen kissing Valerie Fox on the sidewalk outside. He rents apartment #1202 for $6,500 per month.

Doris Grossman rents a spacious and luxurious apartment that is also really cheap. It has been rent controlled since 1946, and she pays just $120 per month.


Family Guy

The Griffin family lives in Rhode Island in a fictional town called Quahog. It’s a suburb of Providence, and the city’s skyline appears in most episodes. In fact, in the opening credits, you can see the downtown skyscraper located at 111 Westminster St. This building is known as the “Superman building” because of its similarity to the Daily Planet skyscraper. The building is being renovated into mixed commercial and residential use. Apartments will feature killer views and a prime location that is just blocks away from the city’s train station and its colleges. When a grown-up Stewie moves in, he can expect to pay about $2,900 per month in rent.

When Joe leaves his family in the episode #JOLO, he moves into an apartment that rents for $825 per month. It’s a one-bedroom on the second floor of a building with an elevator. Instead of sofas, Joe put an air-hockey table in the living room.

When Peter briefly leaves his wife, he moves into a chic downtown apartment. Renting for $975, it features hardwood floors and arched doorways.


Bob’s Burgers

The show is set on Ocean Avenue, which is located either on Long Island or at the Jersey Shore. Bob and his family live in the second-floor rental above the restaurant. It offers three bedrooms with a bonus walk-in closet that has been converted into Louise’s bedroom. The apartment rental also includes an eat-in kitchen and storage space in the attic and basement. The property manager, Mr. Fischoeder, is wealthy and eccentric, and he rents the entire building, including the commercial space, to the family for $3,100. The apartment alone rents for $1,400.



Located in New New York, rental costs for Futurama apartments were adjusted for 1,000 years of inflation.

Bender’s apartment is located at Robot Arms Apartments #00100100. It’s a tiny studio, and the main room is only 18 square feet, plus a kitchen, bathroom and very big closet. Monthly rent is estimated at $900,000.

Amy lives in a one-bedroom in a downtown building with futuristic architecture. The apartment has a balcony, and the living room has a large arched window. Rent costs about $1,742,000 per month.

Apartment 1I is where Leela lives, its number being a pun on how Leela has one eye. The one-bedroom is sparsely furnished and was rebuilt after it was demolished by nudist alien scammers. Monthly rent costs about $1,632,000.




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