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Creating a cozy living space is easier than you might think.  It’s not about filling all of your space with lots of furniture.  A cozy room is about a feeling.  The way you feel when you or your guests enter a room.  To me cozy gives you that homey feeling.

 Creating a cozy living space

The living room is one of the most used rooms in our home.  It is where we relax, read a book, watch TV or play board games.  It is the room we invite our friends and family in to when they stop by for a visit.  It should feel cozy and inviting to everyone.

In order for this room to feel cozy you need to add fabric and you need to layer it.  Fabric softens leather chairs, sofas and wood very well.  Pillows and blankets are the best way to make your living room feel cozy.  I also think one of the least expensive ways.

 Cozy Living

Pillows and blankets can be found for great prices at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea and Target. Home Goods is where you can find some beautiful designer brands.  A great way to know a quality pillow is to look for a zipper.  When the pillow cover has a zipper and can be separated from the pillow insert it is generally of better quality.

 Cozy Living

Storing extra blankets around your room will make them handy when you need them. For instance, stacking them on a stool or tabletop can allow them to easily be accessed while offering room décor when not in use.  So when you are choosing a blanket for your home, first make sure it’s soft because no one wants to cover up with an itchy blanket.  Second, make sure the colors will match your décor.  Choose colors that add to your room as any accessory would.

 Cozy Living

Cozy Living

By adding a few blankets and pillows to your living room, you will have a cozy and inviting room in no time.



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  1. Paula@SweetPea says:
    You are so right that pillows and blankets make a house feel homey. My mom and I leave these things out at her beach cottage for the renters and we’ve been told that they are really appreciated.

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