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I just love hosting parties; it is absolutely my favorite thing to do. While most people squirm at the thought of the planning, preparing and cleaning, I relish in it.  To me, it’s fun! It is also a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family. But I do have to say that at times it can be frustrating in my small apartment. But I’ve done some creative thinking which has helped me in my times of hosting, so I thought I’d share my experience.

1. Stay Calm. A positive attitude is key for you and your guests to enjoy the time together. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a walk. Cool down and get fresh air. Guaranteed when you come back you’ll have a new perspective. Remember that this time with your family and friends should be memorable.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table
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2. Do a little bit in advance. Okay, so you know you’re apartment can hold 10 people and that’s exactly how many you invited. To make sure things run smoothly and that your guests are comfortable, prepare in advance for their arrival. Make sure to have small snacks on hand should the crowd get hungry. If you have any overnight guests, make sure you prepare for their sleeping arrangements which may include linens and pillows. Any meals that can be started or done prior to the day of would also be helpful.

3. Delegate tasks. As a hostess I realize that usually (at least for me) you’d like to have control over things. Not that you don’t trust anyone else to finish up that Green Bean Casserole, but maybe you just have the better touch. Whatever others offer to do, make sure you allow them to take part. It will not only relieve stress on your end but also make them feel more a part of the event.

4. Rearrange to accommodate. Obviously with a small one bedroom apartment, I know that squeezing in 10 people can be quite difficult. But all it takes is a little imagination to make it work. For example, I have a table with a leaf that comes in and out. This allows for expansion when I have dinner parties. I also use my kitchen countertop to function as a buffet table excluding the condiments and bread, which is left for the table. If any additional seating is needed in the living room (after dinner), I typically put decorative pillows on the ground or bring in chairs from the dinning room. And true to form, the hostess never sits unless all of her guests have a place to.

5. Embrace the holiday. Your family is together, you are at your apartment and there is immense love in the air. Don’t forget to celebrate that by soaking as much of it in as you can. For one day your small one bedroom apartment will seem like a blessing instead of curse because of the closeness you’ll feel with one another.

Another tip to mention is if you really do like to entertain (as I do) then you may want to consider a move if your apartment just isn’t cutting it. One of the amenities I looked for while apartment searching is a nice large kitchen & great room-for entertaining purposes. If that is something you can’t live without, considering moving and foregoing the other unnecessary items-like a view or wood floors, etc. Be sure at check out apartments on ForRent.com.

I hope everyone has a terrific Thanksgiving wherever they’re sharing it!

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