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Looking for the perfect place to retire? You just may find it in Denver, Colorado. Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver no doubt is one of the nation’s most scenic cities. Meanwhile, Colorado recently ranked No. 2 on a list of best retirement states and No. 5 among happiest states for seniors. Before you head to the mountains, however, consider a few pros and cons of retiring in Denver.

Denver and Rocky Mountains, featured in guide to retiring in Denver.
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Denver: big city, bigger mountains.

Pros of a Denver Retirement

Paradise for Nature Lovers

Colorado is gorgeous, with an abundance of natural sites to see and explore. Parks, rivers, lakes and, of course, the Rocky Mountains  – they’re all here. And for most of the year, the weather is pleasant, perfect for day trips, hikes and picnics.

Puts the “Active” in “Active Adult”

Denver is one of the healthiest and most active communities in the nation, making it a great place to live for those who enjoy hiking, skiing, biking and other outdoor activities. You won’t have any trouble finding an exercise buddy or group in this fit city. It’s also an easy city to walk about, boasting a score of 60 in walkability.

Denverites Are a Friendly Bunch

According to a survey, Denver drivers are courteous compared with those in other major metro areas. Residents agree that most neighbors are willing to lend a hand when needed. That’s good because a supportive community is vital to a happy, comfortable life. Given the amicability of Denverites, expanding your social circle should be easy as a new transplant. In addition, Denver has a relatively low crime rate compared with many major U.S. cities.

Lots of Arts – and Beer

Denver has bountiful arts and culture, restaurants, and craft breweries. It’s the perfect place to start working on your second career as an amateur brewmeister or to participate in a community arts showcase. You’ll never get bored, or hungry, living in this metropolis.

Cons of Retiring in Denver

Cold in Colorado sign
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It Gets Cold Up Here

A welcome guide to Denver claims the city has 300 days of sunshine, but some residents say that isn’t accurate. Winters are notoriously snowy and cold. Average lows are below freezing five months out of the year. Shoveling snow is hardly a good time, and slipping on the ice could mean bumps and bruises or broken bones. Cold temperatures are also difficult to bear for those with arthritis or similar ailments.

More People = More Traffic

It’s no secret Denver is a great place to live. The city has become increasingly popular for transplants of all ages. On one hand, this increases diversity and creates a richer community. On the downside, this means more traffic. Traffic in Denver has become comparable to that of Seattle. So if you live within the city limits, you might end up spending more time in your car than enjoying the city sights.

Higher Cost of Living

Due in part to its increasing popularity, the cost of living in the immediate Denver area is higher than the national average. However, if you’ve retired with a nice nest egg, that may not be a factor for you. If you’re looking to live on a more modest retirement income, bordering cities like Colorado Springs and Englewood are less expensive.

Ready to Retire in Denver?

senior couple in mountains
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If you’ve decided the pros outweigh the cons of retiring in Denver, welcome to the Mile High City. Learn more about senior living in the Denver area on After55.com. You’ll find Denver-area retirement communities, 55+ communities, and assisted living facilities in Denver.

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