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This renter decided to try and hang up sun light blocking curtains in my bedroom. The dilemma? I didn’t want to drill holes in the walls of my rental apartment that I’d have to patch whenever I move out. So I decided to DIY it and forgo buying a drill.

Best of all? Hanging curtains without drilling into the wall is remarkably easy and doesn’t cost too much. If my method doesn’t work for you, you’ve got plenty of other options. You also could use tension rods. Yes, the same ones that you use to hang a shower curtain. If you’re willing to shell out and know you’ll be living in your apartment for a few years, you could order custom blinds that will fit in the window so you don’t have to hang a curtain rod. If you have a window that will accommodate one, you also can purchase a twist and fit rod too.

What You’ll Need:

3M Command Large Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks
A wash cloth
Rubbing alcohol
A curtain rod


To start off with, you’ll want to clean the wall where you intend to place the 3M command hooks with rubbing alcohol. This will make it easier for the adhesive to stick.

After the wall is dry, press the sticky side of the 3M strip to it. Follow the directions on the back, but essentially you need to press down hard for about one minute. Before trying to hang anything, let the hook stand for at least one hour to create a solid seal. I personally waited a few hours before trying the hooks out.

Try to place the hooks so they’re mostly level with one another. Use a measuring stick to help you.

Next, place the curtain on the rod and hang. One note about the rod: make sure you buy one with a relative small diameter (the one I bought has a diameter of 7/16 inches) to ensure it will rest comfortably on the hook.

Ta da! I realize that the curtain road is sinking somewhat due to the weight of the curtains but at least I won’t have to worry about patching the wall when I’m ready to move out. If you’ll only be living in your apartment for a year or so, this might be a great solution.

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