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If they haven’t started already, the invitations to holiday parties, and gift exchanges, will soon start rolling in! While these occasions are a fun way to celebrate the season with friends and family, figuring out what to bring can sometimes cause a bit of stress. However, bringing the must-have gift of the party doesn’t have to require a lot of time or money! Today, we’re showing you how you can quickly pull together the ultimate Coffee Lovers gift set, as well as 8 other DIY ideas that will surely get stolen over and over!

Coffee Lovers Gift Set

Pair some plain mugs and wooden spoons with some ready-made craft supplies and coffee essentials to create a gift any coffee lover would crave!

DIY Coffee Lovers Gift Set-03

Don’t bother hunting around for the perfect holiday mugs. Secure a vinyl cut-out or holiday sticker to the fronts of plain mugs to customize them to whatever color scheme you choose!

Glue pre-cut holiday shapes to the ends of wooden spoons for a fun and whimsical accessory to the mugs.

DIY Coffee Lovers Gift Set-05

Tuck the mugs into a matching gift box and fill with a variety of coffee-related goodies. Whole bean coffee, mini coffee samples, K-cups, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and fancy sugars and creamers are all great additions!

DIY Coffee Lovers Gift Set-06

A gift card takes any gift set up a notch, so don’t hesitate to tuck one in and complete the set!

This gift set came together in mere minutes using all things found at local home and craft stores. To make your gift look more professional and less hodge-podge, stick to a consistent color scheme and choose decorative items carefully! A few crafty details go a long way in transforming some basic coffee mugs and K-cups into a charming gift.

DIY Coffee Lovers Gift Set-08

Gift Card Candy Jar

DIY Coffee Lovers Gift Set-09

Everyone loves receiving gift cards, but sometimes they can be a bit of a let down at parties. Conceal the gift card and make it more fun to open by tucking it into a jar full of candy. If you want to create this fun project, see the full tutorial.

Wine Set

If you mingle with a “spirited” crowd, a bottle of wine is always a safe bet. Including an ornament and some drink charms transform a basic bottle into something everyone will be fighting over.

Beer Set

If your friends are more the beer connoisseurs, create a similar gift with a different flair. Combine some mugs or stout glasses with a hand-picked sample of beer and a bag of peanuts for the ultimate Beer-lover gift!

Baking Set

DIY Coffee Lovers Gift Set-11

If a lot of your friends are pining for the sweets of the season, but they don’t have a stocked kitchen to whip up some treats of their own, a baking set is a great idea. A ready-made mix with some coordinated kitchen supplies will be just the things friends need to get their holiday baking in gear!

Homemade Treats

When the budget is tight, you can’t go wrong with a slew of homemade delicacies. Whip up your favorite holiday treats and package them up with some handmade tags and bows, and friends will be clamoring to taste your offerings! There are many more packaging ideas out there, too — one for any personal style!

Spa Day Set

Heading to an all-girls gift exchange? Fill a cute cosmetic bag or jewelry organizer with some lotion, nail polish, lipstick, perfume samples, a scented candle and a magazine for the ultimate day-at-home kit.

Home for the Holidays Set

Assemble a gift basket full of things to help create a holiday home, perfect for the friend far from family. A set of ornaments, a pine-scented candle, a picture frame, and some lovely holiday cards will help anyone feel like they are really home for the holidays.



Tech Set

Do you have a lot of friends attached to their devices? Combine ear buds, a charger, a holiday phone case, and an App Store gift card to create a gift they can’t resist.


Next time you are invited to a gift exchange, don’t fret! Use one of these ideas here or expand on them to find the right gift for your crowd. No matter who you’re partying with, or what your budget is, clever themes combined with thoughtful packaging can go a long way in creating a gift everyone will want!

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