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Have you just moved to your new apartment or even been there for a while, but haven’t decided on how to jazz up your space? Decorating your apartment may take some time to completely figure out what you love, but for starters, try adding a twist of drama by decorating with dramatic modern statement pieces.

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First, how do you envision your space? Think about this before shopping for statement pieces to gain further insight on how you want your apartment to look and feel. Focus on a few key items, such as your couch, lamps, and end tables. Keep your room looking modern, but think big, bold, and out of the box!

Next, focus on color. The great thing about dramatic modern statement pieces is that every single color does not have to match. You can get creative and mix pink, yellow, orange, green, and brown, all in the same room! As crazy as that might sound, try it out and see what you think.

Lastly, think geometrically. Shape plays an important role in dramatic modern statement pieces. When searching for statement pieces, look for perfectly sleek circles and squares. The circles and squares are what keep your room looking modern, while color focuses on the dramatic side of things. With these two combinations, you will easily spot dramatic modern statement pieces.

Do you have plans to dress up your apartment with a few dramatic modern statement pieces? Where do you plan on shopping for your décor? Remember think big, bold, and out of the box and your vision will be sure to come alive!

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