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Being a renter may pose obstacles when it comes to decorating; but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little personality to your neutral space. Looking at non-permanent solutions for your apartment is easy and often is most cost effective. Here are ways to revamp your blank canvas:

Neutral Living Room
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Select a Color Palette
One of the best ways to freshen up your space is to use pops of color on top of a mainly neutral palette. White or tan walls and neutral furniture do not have to be boring and void of personality.  Here, we have a dark brown sectional sofa with a neutral wall color. Add a few bold accents in fun shades of blue, yellow and orange to spice up the space. Browse tips on how to decorate your space using turquoise.

Add Pattern
Florals, solids, and geometric patterns are mixed together to add variety and texture to the living room. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and fabrics in your apartment. Combining a mixture will make the space look elegant and add personality. Shelley Smith, from House of Smiths, can show you how to mix and match patterns.

While being an apartment renter may not allow you to paint your canvas, you have the opportunity to create color on your walls using art work. On this inspiration board, you’ll see a dark canvas with a phrase serves as the centerpiece of the wall. It draws your eyes to the piece and gives you a sense of the room’s essence. A carefully selected piece of art, or a gallery of art, can easily transform your neutral living room.
Get this look by visiting our friends over at Homes.com. Inspiration ideas for this space are from Beth Hunter, with Home Stories A to Z.

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