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Why do we love fall so much? Is it the cooler temperatures? The cozy fashions? Pumpkin everything? Yes! Fall is an amazing season for all of these reasons and more, so you should make the most of this brief season while it lasts. This list of 25 fantastic fall activities can serve as your guide to enjoying every last bit of autumn.

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1. The Great Pumpkin: Visit a local pumpkin patch (or side-of-the-road produce stand) and choose the biggest and most perfect pumpkin.
2. Pick Them Yourself: Go apple picking at a local orchard. Did you know apples grow in more than 25 states?
3. Jack-O-Lantern: Whether you use a real pumpkin or the foam variety, carve a pumpkin for Halloween. You probably already own more pumpkin carving tools than you realize.
4. Get Seedy: Do not throw away the seeds you pulled out of the pumpkin. Toast pumpkin seeds in the oven for a tasty and delicious fall snack.
5. Fresh Air: Open your windows and enjoy the crisp air … not to mention your lower utility bills.
6. Spooky! Seek out a nearby haunted house and visit with a group of friends. Do you dare to be in the back of the pack?

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7. Leaf Collecting: Take a walk in a park and pick up leaves in as many colors and varieties as you can find. Bonus points for stomping through the crunchy leaves.
8. Get Festive: Google fall festivals in your community that celebrate the season.
9. Decorate: Hang a pretty fall wreath on your front door for a touch of autumn every time you come home.
10. Betty Crocker: Bake a pie from scratch or from the freezer department of the grocery store. Either way, your home will smell delicious!

11. Take a Dive: Jump in a leaf pile; just be sure to clean up any mess you make — especially if you are jumping in your neighbor’s leaf pile.
12. Healthy Shopping: Visit your local farmers market and stock up on local produce and baked goods.
13. Be A-maze-d: Conquer a corn maze without cheating!
14. Go Team! Tailgate at a local sporting event whether you like sports or not. The party is the best part anyway.
15. Cookoff Time: Perfect your chili recipe and challenge your friends to a chili cookoff.
16. PSL 4 Life: Enjoy a pumpkin-flavored coffee drink. Everyone loves them for a reason.
17. Hitch a Ride: Go on a hayride and look at the stars.

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18. Bottoms Up: Drink craft beer in delicious fall styles.
19. Better on a Stick: Pretend you are 8 again and eat a caramel apple without guilt.
20. Get Toasted: Roast marshmallows over a fire, indoors or out.
21. Fresh Pressed: Drink fresh apple cider, spiked or not.
22. Take a Hike: Bundle up and take a walk downtown. Patronize the little shops you always mean to visit.
23. Enjoy Carbs: Bake bread and eat it without counting calories.
24. Go Incognito: Make your own Halloween costume and host a costume party for your friends.
25. Donut Forget: Buy a dozen fall cake doughnuts and share them with your neighbors. Or me.


Autumn is an amazing time of year, so get out there and enjoy it! What’s your favorite fall activity? Let us know in the comment section.

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