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Enjoying a good run, across various terrains, inside of an urban oasis, is perfect for any fitness enthusiast in Pittsburgh. The Steel City hosts an array of parks and diverse neighborhoods that make going for a run in this metro as easy as a quick walk, bike ride or drive to the nearest park.Whether it’s during the summer or winter months, you can bet that Pittsburgh will offer you a picturesque environment that will boost your run from lackluster and dull to vibrant and free!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most runner-friendly parks in Pittsburgh. Don’t just take our word for it; be sure to check out these spots for you.

Mellon Park

If you’re looking to explore some lovely art and get your sweat on at the same time, Mellon Park offers an array of celestial-themed public art embedded in the lawn. This park, located in the Shadyside neighborhood, is known for its walled-garden and lush greenery. Runners can enjoy a serene atmosphere while jogging around the expansive grounds of the garden.

Schenley Park

Perhaps the most popular park in the Steel City, Schenley Park is a hotspot located in the heart of Oakland. Located near Phipps Conservatory, the local universities, and grub hubs, locals have quickly become magnetized to this park’s offerings. Along with trails for running and plenty of green spaces to enjoy, Schenley Park hosts various events, including the Pittsburgh Race for the Cure and live music from local and national musicians, so there are plenty of reasons to check this place out.

Frick Park

The largest regional park in Pittsburgh is undoubtedly Frick Park, with 644 acres of possibilities for visitors to enjoy. Looking to go for a run here? You can also play tennis, bring your dog for some off-leash playing, or bike on one of the many interconnected trails that this Park has to offer. Located in Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, and on the border of Edgewood, runners from surrounding neighborhoods can often be found exercising in Frick Park.

Highland Park

As it’s name suggests, Highland Park is located in Pittsburgh’s Highland Park neighborhood. Known for harboring a reservoir, locals can jog around these waters and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing views. There is also a fountain, plenty of benches, a bike track, volleyball courts, and a swimming pool. Take a dip in the pool after your run and enjoy the lovely garden that Highland Park offers.

Hartwood Acres

When Hartwood Acres isn’t hosting large-scale concerts like the Allegheny County Music Festival, it offers 30 miles of scenic trails open to the general public for running, hiking, biking, and even – in select areas – horseback riding. For those who want to bring their canine pal(s) with them on their run, a large, fenced-in “leash-free” area is available for dogs to frolic in what amounts to a beautiful meadow.

As you can see, Pittsburgh offers a wide array of idyllic settings for runners to enjoy – many of which double as recreational and culturally-engaging settings, where novice and professional athletes alike can relax after a good workout. So, grab your tennis shoes and hit your favorite local park today. You won’t be disappointed.


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