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Do you have ribbon all over your house? Glue sticks in every drawer? Pipe cleaners and tissue paper falling out of every nook and cranny? It’s time to freshen up your craft space. Now that it’s a new year, this is the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes to organize your arts ‘n crafts so you have a well-organized space for creating lots of fun projects. No matter whether you only have the space for a craft closet or a whole craft room, these tips are perfect for freshening up your space.

Tip #1: Use a Paper Towel Holder for Ribbon
Corral all those spools of ribbon into an easy-to-see space with a paper towel holder. You can easily cut the ribbon you need right from the holder without taking all the spools off. Just slide your ribbon spools right onto the paper towel holder. If you need to, you can use scissors to make the center hole of the ribbon spool slightly larger to fit onto the holder. It’s easy to color-coordinate and brighten up your craft space with organized ribbons!

Tip #2: Use a Craft Cart
I picked up my craft cart at IKEA, but you can use any rolling cart. This is especially helpful if you live in a small space without the ability to devote a whole closet or room to crafts. You can easily store craft supplies on each level of the cart and roll it from room to room. They’re usually narrow and easy to slip into a laundry room or small nook for storage.

I like to buy “S” hooks that slip over the sides to hold things like scissors, craft bags or anything with a hook. This helps free up space inside the cart for other items like spray paint, glue, felt, etc.

Tip #3: Store Supplies in Clear Containers
I absolutely love to use mason jars and other clear vases to hold small supplies like paper straws because you can quickly see what colors or items you already own and avoid double-buying. Here, I have stored my paper straws in a mason jar for easy visual reference.

Tip #4: Invest in Shelving
A crafter’s worst nightmare is seeing stacks upon stacks of craft bins without a clue as to what is really inside each of them. If you have the room in a closet or small office, consider investing in a metal shelving unit. You can find these in a variety of colors, and they’re easy to put together. Put party supplies on one shelf, sewing on another, and so on. It’s another way to have a quick visual reference of your craft supplies so you don’t spend time hunting down items you know you have but can’t locate.

Find more tips and ideas for freshening up your craft space at ForRent.com! Learn how to make your own craft caddy here and organize a craft room here.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips, Courtney! I love that paper towel holder for ribbon idea!!! And I’ve been drooling over that ikea cart since it first came out- now I have an excuse to get it!

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