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Black Friday is the perfect time to upgrade your apartment at a discount. By maximizing the available sales, you can save big and make a big impact on how your home looks and functions.

However, don’t shop aimlessly on Black Friday. In order to successfully navigate one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, have a strategy and be deliberate about which items you buy and which items you pass.

We’ve researched Black Friday sale trends to identify some of the most discounted items that you can get to spruce up your apartment.

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When shopping on Black Friday, electronics deals are a staple. Not only are there big discounts to be had, but it’s almost an annual tradition to find blockbuster electronics savings. In fact, many TV sets sold for 50% off retail price in 2016.

This year, there are a few hot electronics items that are causing a buzz. Here are some great ways to update the gear in your apartment.

You can upgrade your living room entertainment system with a 4K TV with HDR. Also, look for big discounts on Bluetooth speakers, which are a great gadget to have on hand before your next party. And many people are using this shopping season to add a digital home assistant, like Alexa, to their apartments.

Kitchen Appliances

Many appliances are heavily discounted on Black Friday, and we’ve see discounts averaging about 18% in past years. However, savvy shoppers will find kitchen appliance deals that save them much more. Here’s how Black Friday can help you upgrade your apartment’s kitchen gear to true foodie status.

Look for deals on a KitchenAid stand mixer so that your holiday cookie baking will be much easier. Also, a Cuisinart food processor will up your game of homemade peanut butter and hummus. A good deal on a blender can keep up your smoothie habit, but your blender score doesn’t necessarily need to be limited to only healthy food. It’s also a great gadget to have on hand when you’re making a batch of blended margaritas, like our favorite Firecracker Margarita recipe that has lime, honey, and jalapeño. So good!

Home Decor

The third hottest product category for Black Friday discounts is furniture. In particular, we’ve seen big discounts on living room furniture.

A great way to upgrade your apartment is to maximize lounging spaces. Look for a new La-Z-Boy to recline in, and you might even find an epic deal on a new sofa set.

While there’s quite a Black Friday buzz from the bigger stores, don’t forget specialty home decor retailers for deals on carpets, lighting, shelving, and room accents. Stores like West Elm, Ikea, Restoration Hardware, and Crate & Barrel know they’re competing against Amazon and Target, so they’ll have equally competitive sale pricing.

Cleaning and Tools

While these products are a more practical approach than that new disco ball lighting, cleaning and hardware gear can go a long way to making even a cheap apartment look great.

This Black Friday, upgrade your vacuum cleaner to help freshen up your carpets, or transition to a Roomba for some high-tech, hands-off cleaning gear. And for a DIY approach, get a Craftsman tool set so that you can easily do small apartment repairs like hanging curtain rods.

What to Skip on Black Friday

Products are not equally discounted, and there are some purchases that you should walk right by because the sales are not that good. In particular, it’s usually best to pass on purchasing bedding and linens, any seasonal decorations, and anything from the Apple Store.

Do you have any Black Friday shopping tips, or have you scored any epic discounts? Let us know in the comments below.



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