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It’s almost flu season! Which means immune systems tend to be down and bacteria and viruses tend to be up. ForRent.com wants to keep you well with tips on how to keep germs out of your apartment kitchen.

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  • Be sure to wash dishes in hot (not warm) water. Buy a pair of dish washing gloves to ensure the water temperature is as hot as possible.
  • Wash your hand towels, oven mitts and pot holders. These often get neglected and can rack up germ quickly.
  • Use separate cutting boards for meat and veggies. You can also mark one side of the cutting board with a “M” or “V” if you only have one board.
  • Keep your sponge out of the sink under all those dirty dishes. Keep it elevated.
  • You can also microwave your sponge to zap any germs.
  • Wash those hands! This is the most sure-fire way to avoid spreading germs.
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