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Last week I talked about the power of colors and I’m sure many of us would like to add color to a room, without having to paint.  You’re in luck!  There are many things you can do to make your apartment pop, without having to pick up a brush.  Here are some ideas on how you can brighten up your place:

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Colorful Curtains– Hanging bright curtains on your windows can brighten up your room in an instant.  They can have a pattern, be plain, or mix and match.  Find what works best for you and your room!

Picture it– Add a colorful picture frame next to your couch or T.V. and hang a mirror on the wall.  It’s easy decorating and can really finish a room.  I have a big mirror hanging by my door.  It looks nice and is a good way to check my hair before I answer the door =).

Pillow Power– Small pillows can add design to your room and a sense of comfort.  I like to use pillows that compliment the colors of my curtains =)

Smell the Roses– Flowers are my favorite decoration because they look nice and smell great.  There are tons of colors so pick up a cheap bouquet and put the flowers in a fun vase!
These are just a couple ways to brighten your apartment and really make it your own.  They can all help to finish a room and make it pop.  Experiment with different colors and find what you like best!

Photo Credits:  Posh Living, LLC


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  1. Where are you located at? How much is the rent? And do i have to pay a deposit?

  2. I plan to rent in Rowland Height(17800 E Colima) for one bedroom apartment from Feb of 2013, and would you like to check it for me?

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