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Moving into your first apartment is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. While you are probably eager to be independent and in charge of your own home, you are also realizing how many household items you are now in charge of buying. Now that you are on your own, there’s no one else to keep you stocked up with batteries, to provide you with a corkscrew on Wine Wednesday or to buy your laundry soap for you. Welcome to life on your own!

I have put together a checklist to make sure you do not forget any important items for your new place. This printable checklist will help you ensure you have everything you need for your first place. Some items you may already own, while others you may need to buy before you move in.

Do not forget to buy supplies you will need in an emergency, like flashlights and a first aid kit. These are items you will not realize you need until it is already too late, so be prepared and purchase them before you ever move in!

Are you panicking at the size of this list? Are you watching your first month’s rent circling the drain? No worries! Many of these items can be bought secondhand, which will save you loads of money.

This handy list tells you which items you should never pay full price for. Why pay full price for tools when you can find them at summer garage sales for much less. A hammer is a hammer, after all. Other items, like books and artwork, are actually more fun to collect over time by finding treasures at thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets than they are to buy new.

On the other hand, there are some items you should avoid buying used unless you are 100% sure of the source. You may be able to get away with buying a vacuum from a friend or family member, but you should avoid buying one from an unknown source. Above all, avoid buying used mattresses! The yuck factor is so high that some states have laws against buying and selling used mattresses.

Moving out on your own is scary but liberating. You can do it! With some planning and patience, you can put together a home that is totally your own, and that will be such a satisfying feeling. Good luck in your new place!

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  1. I love this checklist, and it’s going to be super handy, but I really wish the printable version had been a simple black and white type deal. Looking at it on the computer screen, I absolutely love the colors, but when I print it, either I use a ton of color ink to print the pretty blue or I print it in black and white and still use a ton of black ink for the background. I’ll probably just end up re-writing the checklist by hand, I suppose. But thank you!
  2. I think you forgot to put a washer and dryer on the list.
  3. susanlindsey says:
    “Cleaners”? Can you be more specific? My favorites are concentrated all purpose cleaner luke Mr. Clean, foaming rug spot cleaner like Woolite, Magic Erasers for marks on walls, scrubless foam or spray bathroom cleaner, lightly abrasivecream or gel like Barkeepers Friend for sinks and stove top, good old Windex with ammonia for windows. Remember, don’t mix products, it can cause dangerous fumes.
  4. Rosetta Oakes says:
    Great tips and the checklist is so helpful. My sister’s moving at her first place next month and your post will be of great help for her. Thank you for sharing all this great info!
  5. Alexa Donner says:
    This was super helpful! Thank you so much! I’ll be moving into my first new apartment in a few weeks and have been especially interested in what is and isn’t good to buy used. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi Dear,

    Thanks Lot.


  7. Random Stanger says:
    Thank you, U helped my game design so much

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