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How to go about decorating your apartment depends a good deal on the space itself, and smaller apartments or studios often require a special approach. Here are some things that might make the task a bit easier:

  • Mirrors can make the place look significantly larger.
  • Opting for smaller furniture can help make more space.
  • Consider putting some items in storage to make the apartment more livable.
  • Take advantage of empty space for storage, such as under the bed.
  • Utilize some organizing pieces, such as a bookcase or shelving unit to maximize vertical space.
  • Add rods, shelves and cubes to your closet space to free up the living area for decorating and keep it from looking cluttered.
  • If you are painting, add a darker color to one wall (often called a focal wall) to give the room more depth and style.
  • Keep the overall color of small apartments light to make them look bigger.
  • Use angles when placing furniture. It can help prevent areas from feeling closed off and give a more open, airy impression in your space.
  • Buy “double duty” pieces of furniture that have storage built in. Look for things such as footstools that have a removable top and coffee tables with drawers in them.

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