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Spring is here and that means spring cleaning is in full effect.  Decorating your apartment with plants and flowers is a great way to liven up your space.  Bringing nature in your home and watching everything bloom is a great reminder of the warmer months that are on the way.

If you have pets, however, it is very important to find out which plants are harmful to your furry friends.  The last thing you want is to bring in a new plant and then have your pet treat it like a new toy, only to find out that your new decorative plant is poisonous to them.

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Listed below are “house plants” that can be potentially dangerous for your pets.  For a full list of plants and flowers (indoor and outdoor), please look at this table from the Humane Society.

Caladium Entire plant
Castor Bean Entire plant, especially the beans
Dumbcane Entire plant
Easter Lily Entire plant is toxic to cats
Elephant’s Ear Entire plant
Hyacinth Bulbs
Lantana Foliage
Mistletoe Berries
Philodendrons Entire plant
Poinsettia Leaves, stems, flowers
Rosary Pea Seeds


Most people know about dark chocolate being poisonous for dogs, but poisonous plants aren’t as widely known.  Do you know of any other things to avoid to keep your pets healthy?



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  1. Sago palms are toxic and cause cardiac arrest in animals.
    They are popular as yard plants and bonsai’s.

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