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There are many ways that apartment living can actually contribute to a healthy lifestyle. These simple things can be included in day to day activities to help you maximize the amount of exercise you get. Here are some great basic health and fitness tips for apartment living to help you make the most of what you’ve got:

  • Even if you live in a building with an elevator, always take the stairs. Those trips to the grocery store or getting the garbage out can really add a little workout to your day.
  • Make more trips whenever possible. If you are going to have to go and get a newspaper and do laundry, break it up into two separate tasks instead of combining them. You’ll get more exercise.
  • Walk to do errands whenever possible.
  • Use a bicycle to go on longer errands or to go to work.
  • Make a vigorous apartment cleaning part of your weekly schedule. Put on some music and really get to it!
  • Rearrange furniture periodically. It will help keep the place looking fresh, and provide you with a little extra exercise.
  • If you have a dog, walk it often. You’ll both be happier and more fit.

It can be easy to amp up an apartment lifestyle to include a bit more activity if you keep in mind the things you do each day and just try to keep moving.

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