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Hello again! It’s Kelly from Here Comes the Sun and today I’ll be showing you several pretty storage solutions that are perfect small spaces.

When you live in an apartment, space is at a premium and you need to maximize every inch of what you’ve got. These storage solutions are not only functional but decorative too.

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In the bathroom, consider installing a shelf over your door for extra storage.

If you don’t have a linen closet, baskets hung on the wall can display towels or other bathroom essentials.

This DIY Rolling Canned Food Cabinet is so clever. At just 6 inches wide, it has a ton of storage and is also decorative.

Get a handle on your craft/office supplies by using a pegboard above a desk. You don’t need a separate room for your office or crafts. This desk would look lovely tucked in the corner of your living room or bedroom.

If you need an office space for two, try using a bookshelf to delineate the space and provide storage. File folders hung on the side keep your papers organized.

Modular cubic units add storage in the living room and double as a sofa table.

Now that you see the possibilities, conquer your clutter in style!

I’ll be back next week with DIY statement pieces for your apartment.

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Hello! I’m Kelly, creator of the blog Here Comes the Sun. My husband and I owned a home for seven years. Two and a half years ago, a job transfer took us out of state and now we rent. I’m currently in the process of making over our rental one temporary solution at a time. DIY is my passion and I love to share the projects that I do and the tips that I find.

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Hey, everybody! My name is Jason, and I contribute to this great blog, but when I'm not posting for ForRent.com, I like to play music with friends, cook, and travel as much as possible.


  1. Emily Dresser says:
    Shelf over the door is awesome! I also like the canned food cabinet idea. Don’t forget about under bed storage! If you don’t have much room, you can get risers to give you a few extra inches…might fit more under there! Anyways, just thought I’d mention it in case someone is stuck for ideas on how to get more space out of their small unit!
  2. Personal Mini Storage says:
    Storage units can also provide extra space to apartment renters. Most storage providers rent space on a month-to-month basis and have units as small as a closet.
  3. Edwardcarolin says:
    Awesome storage space. The way you utilized the space is really great and awesome. I am really fed up with the congested room. I had moved all my unnecessary stuffs to Jiffy Storage unit at Toronto. I was in search of a space with low rent. They seems to be okay for me.
  4. I did the bookshelf separating the desk idea in my girl’s bedroom – they love it!

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