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ForRent.com - Transportation for Everyday Commuters

Whether it’s work or class, getting there is physical work in itself. Finding an apartment near transportation, if you don’t have a car or prefer not to use it, can actually be quite easy, especially if you know the kind of transportation to use! Transportation has been recognized as the second highest expense for American households, according to Smart Growth America, costing more than food. With that said, here are various transportation options and how much they may cost you.

Car, Truck, or Van

ForRent.com - Transportation for Everyday Commuters

The often times most expensive option for commuting is car, truck, or a van. Depending on the distance from where you live, not only may you be spending 20 – 40 minutes in traffic, but you’re actually spending a lot on gas, even if you’re sitting in one spot. Other expenses may come into play with an automobile such as potential parking expenses, in case your work doesn’t pay for parking, tolls, and car expenses such as maintenance due to consistent driving.

Once you add up all of the expenses, it can come to being pricey, but that’s not to say that every city is that way. Most cities don’t have tolls or much traffic such as rural cities.

Public Transportation

ForRent.com - Transportation for Everyday Commuters

There are a variety of options when it comes to public transportation, based on where you live. Buses are very common in most cities, while some larger cities also have railroads, subways, and coastal regions often times have ferry boats.

Buses range in prices depending on the city where you live. In New York city, a bus ride could cost you $2.00 with free transfers for up to 3 hours. A monthly charge could be $20.00 which is still less than gas expenses and more efficient in the city.

Subways also vary in price and structure of payment methods. In Washington D.C. during peak hours it may cost you at least $2.15 or at most $5.90. The distance you travel has an affect on your commute charge.

Ferry Boats are more common in coastal regions such as Virginia. Ferry prices in Hampton Roads can cost $1.50 per ride no matter the time of day.

Commuting by public transportation is reasonably safe. Accidents on public transportation systems happen less often than by car, truck, or van. Public transportation systems also follow safety guidelines and precautions including maintaining certain speeds and keeping up with maintenance.


ForRent.com - Transportation for Everyday Commuters

Although it may be the cheapest option of transportation, commuting to work by bike is more physical activity, and if you live further away from work or school, this option may not work for you. Along with this, there are expenses that come with bicycles, for instance, a good road bike for the every day commute could range anywhere from $150.00 to $1500.00. Along with the price of the bike itself, maintenance will be necessary if you plan to commute by bike daily, including changing the bicycle tires and frame and purchasing lights which are a necessary safety precaution.

Safety and distance to work are the primary considerations when thinking about choosing a bicycle commuting method. Although health wise, riding a bicycle to work every day benefits your health, certain safety measures need to taken such as lights on the bicycle, learning hand signals, riding with traffic versus against traffic, using the bicycle lane, and wearing a helmet.

Before you pick an apartment, check the distance from your desired apartment to work, school, restaurants, grocery stores, and other destinations. ForRent.com’s walk score helps you check the distance from your future apartment to local spots to give you a better understanding of your potential commute. For more apartment living tips, visit the ForRent.com blog.

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