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If you’re searching for a way to welcome the autumn weather into your home, here are tips on decorating your apartment to feel more fall-like —whether you live in a city rife with foliage or not. From candles to extra blankets, discover these tips on making your home feel more like fall.

Light Candles
One of the cheapest and easiest way to make your home feel like fall? Add a few fall-scented candles. Maybe pumpkin spice or cinnamon. Deborah M. Fribourg, founder and CEO of New York City-based DMF Interiors, says she prefers the Wood Cabin scent from Keap Collective.

Add Throws
Fall is all about cooler weather so consider adding some blankets to usher in the chillier temps that are on their way, suggests Fribourg. She also advises buying a chic ladder to hang your blankets on.

Put Baskets and Pine Cones in the Kitchen
“Place a wooden basket filled with real or fake fall vegetables such as pumpkins, squash and zucchini on your kitchen counter. Have a jar filled with cinnamon spiced teas such as Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney & Sons,” says Fribourg. “In order to make your dining table look chic, yet fall-themed, you can put a bowl of pine cones in the center which provide an amazing smell.”

Update Your Bar Cart
“Swap out your summer cocktails (martinis and margaritas) on your bar cart for festive fall drinks such as hot toddies and whiskey,” says Fribourg.

Add Essentials Oils To Your Bedroom
Look to your nose to set the mood for your bedroom. Fribourg recommends sage to feel more fall-like. But other scents will do the trick too.

“In my bedroom, I love having wild orange during the day and lavender at night, which is relaxing and calming,” says Fribourg. “Place a medium-sized vase of fresh lavender on your nightstand which brings a fresh and clean scent to your space while also bringing color into the room.”

Bring the Outside World In
Searching for fall inspiration? Then look no further than your grocery store shelves or to nature.

“Fall is all about the leaves and cones and color change that happens in nature. To create inventive center pieces that capture the changing colors, start with pumpkins, gourds, apples, corn, rosemary and then layer in leaves, cones, and pine needles,” says Jennifer Van Galder, of Del Mar, California-based Van Galder Design. “Be clever with the vessels! Instead of vases, use bowls, crates, boxes or trays to create arrangements that make a wonderful statement in a host of places.”

Add Pumpkins to Your Patio
Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins. And don’t think they have to seem like a kid’s Halloween party favor.

“I love pumpkins and with the new varieties of them available [think white pumpkins] it is even better than ever to use them,” says Galder. “A fun idea: removing the contents of the pumpkin (as if you are carving it) and planting succulents inside. The best? It will last you several months and is a simple exterior or interior decoration for the season.”

Make Your Kitchen Table Shine
If you love having dinner parties, consider adding fall accents to your table. Scour Pinterest for inspiration.

“Burlap fabric raffia, and ribbon wrapped around glassware or as napkin rings is a fun way to set the table,” says Galder. “Purchasing inexpensive fall colored glasses or plates to intersperse with everyday dinnerware creates a themed table.”


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