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New York and Chicago have long battled it out for the crown of “best pizza in America,” but in recent years, countless cities from coast to coast have seriously stepped up their pie game. Here’s a list of some of our favorite spots outside of the Big Apple and Windy City. Bon appétit.


Independent Pizzeria – Seattle, WA
It’s no surprise that a city with a strong affinity for local ingredients would produce a fine slice of pie. By using local dairy, vegetables, meats and house-made dough baked in an authentic wood-fired oven, Independent Pizzeria makes one of the best slices west of the Mississippi.

Pizza Beddia – Philadelphia, PA
Like all must-have foods, rarity plays into the equation, so with only 40 pizzas produced per day, Pizza Beddla is the hottest slice in the city of brotherly love. Eschewing the in-vogue wood-fired oven for a more consistent gas unit, diners at this Philly hotspot have welcomed the two-man operation with open arms.

Sotto – Los Angeles
The key to the best pie in Los Angeles? Import an Italian wood-fired oven piece by piece, of course. Classic Italian ingredients on a blistered, chewy crust have made this one of the best spots to get a slice in the City of Angels. Best of all? The Italian oven takes time to “break in,” so the pie gets better by the day.

Bufalina – Austin, TX
They say “good things take time,” but at Buffalina, good things only take about 60 seconds. With a wood-fired oven blazing at around 1,000 degrees, their pies are cooked to toasty perfection in about a minute. Add beautiful local ingredients and you’ve got Lone Star-takes-on-Italian favorites.

Coppa – Boston, MA
The beauty of a pizza is that it’s a canvas for almost any combination of ingredients, and Coppa takes that freedom to heart. Boasting pies topped with bone marrow, beef heart, horseradish and home fries (to name a few), this spot has become a go-to location for those looking beyond a simple slice of pepperoni.

Frankie’s Pizza – Miami, FL
An institution since 1955, Frankie’s Pizza serves up the classic-style pizza of your childhood. With a doughy crust piled with stringy cheese and a tangy marinara, this is the perfect spot to head if you’re looking for a less complicated pizza option.

Porta Via Italian Kitchen – Nashville, TN
Special flour and water sourced from Italy. A certified wood-burning oven. These are just a few of the things that a pizzeria requires to be certified Vera Pizza Nepoletana by the Italian pizza gods. So if you can’t afford a plane ticket across the Atlantic, maybe a trip to the Music City is your next best option.

O4W Pizza – Atlanta, GA
Quality ingredients and classic Italian recipes have made this spot a favorite of locals. House-made tomato sauce is known to be a sweet base for a myriad of classic ingredients like local mozzarella, pepperoni, and pecorino cheese. Best of all? The pizzas are square for all you crust-lovers out there.

Denver Deep Dish – Denver, CO
Deep dish pizza is basically a religion in Chicago, so it comes as a complete surprise that an Irish gentleman via Tennessee is churning out deliciously deep pies in Denver, of all places. Slathered with a tangy marinara, this spot has received the blessing of Windy City transplants, so you know it must be good.

Apizza Scholls – Portland, OR
Heavy is the crust that wears the toppings. This is why Apizza Scholls has certain rules for its beautifully thin crusts. No more than three toppings per pizza and no more than two meats. It’s this kind of respect for their perfectly blistered dough that ensures no matter what you select, this pie will stay crisp and crunchy until the last bite.

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  1. winn sirotta says:

    great read and you GET it!! My man Anthony from NJ is just killing it at o4w ! ATL is no longer a foodie wasteland.Oh yeah, the mozz is so local, he makes it in house!

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