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Going green is instrumental in keeping our planet alive. So do your part to make sure you aren’t over using our resources and depleting our reserve. Here are some water and energy saving tips for your home.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs are an efficient lighting source for your home. They conserve energy by using less wattage while also creating the same brightness as incandescent bulbs. And they last longer too! (Which saves more $$)


Don’t let your faucets leak or drip water!! This is one I get on my boyfriend about ALL the time!! When brushing your teeth, you just need to wet the tooth brush. Turn off the water. Put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and start brushing. When you need to wash the toothbrush and spit the toothpaste out, then turn on the water. Doesn’t seem like you’d save that much water but twice a day for 365 days a year-it adds up!!



This is an interesting tip that I had never heard before but am definitely going to do from now on, put lids on pots to avoid heat waste and help water boil faster!!


Use cool/cold water whenever possible as using warm or hot water requires more energy to heat.



Use rechargeable batteries.


Use the natural sunlight during the day instead of using electricity! The sun is the brightest and cheapest source of light around!



Do you have any other helpful tips for saving water & energy around the home? Let us know!! We all need to do our part!





Source: www.alephnull.net/eco/saving

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