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Selecting the right roommate can be a daunting challenge, but if you know what kind of roommate you are, it’s easier to find your perfect match! From pet peeves to study habits to noise tolerance, you and your roommate should share enough common ground to live in peace and enough differences to keep it interesting.

Take the quiz below to figure out what kind of roommate you are and who would be your best fit. 

Know your best roommate match after taking the quiz? Now you can check out FindRoommate, a one-stop destination for both the apartment and roommate search. FindRoommate allows you to create a user account and answer questions about yourself that will help you determine your compatibility with other apartment seekers. You can then make contact with a pre-selected pool of prospective roommates! The best part? Once you find a roommate, you can both search for an apartment together, all while never having to leave the site.

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