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Hi, guys! I'm Lenny, the Operations Coordinator for ForRent.com Targeted sites like ForRentUniversity.com and After55.com. I'm part of an amazing team of equally creative and innovative people working to help the business run smoothly. When I'm not writing for ForRent, you can find me dancing, traveling or cooking something yummy!



    5 Habits to Eating Healthy in College

    Newsflash: The freshmen fifteen are real. You may have already learned that and probably the hard way. Luckily, you have a few years ahead of you and plenty of healthier decisions to be made. Contrary to public opinion, eating healthy does not have to be costly or time-consuming, and with a few behavior modifications to […]

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    Campus Safety? There’s an App For That

    Personal safety is very important, especially when you’re miles from home, experiencing life on your own for the very first time. Generally speaking, the on-campus experience should be a positive one, but there are external threats that we simply cannot control. To help make students feel more secure as they navigate campus life and its […]

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    What Kind of Roommate Are You?

    Selecting the right roommate can be a daunting challenge, but if you know what kind of roommate you are, it’s easier to find your perfect match! From pet peeves to study habits to noise tolerance, you and your roommate should share enough common ground to live in peace and enough differences to keep it interesting. […]

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    4 Ways to Document Your Summer Travels

    No matter how tech-savvy our world increasingly becomes, nothing has yet replaced the excitement of visiting a foreign country for the first time or the thrill of doing something that you’ve always dreamed of with your friends and/or family. What technology has, however, helped us to do is keep these memories alive by allowing us to […]

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    A Good (Summer) Job Is Hard to Find

    A great summer job is hard to find. Ideally, you would make enough money to fund your summer adventures and leave some for the remainder of the school year, all while managing to enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Hard, but not impossible! Let me share some wisdom from my very own summer […]

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    Making the Transition from Student to Young Professional

    It’s hard- mastering the art of being a student and suddenly having to change up your game as the harsh yet exciting reality of the working world sets in. But fear not. There’s a formula you can use to conquer this transition: E= MC2 Excellence = Motivation x Commitment x Consistency Excellence: Let’s be honest […]

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    How to Prep Your Resume for the Perfect Position

    In today’s ever-changing job market, a mismatch of majors to career fields is not surprising. Far too often the field we imagined ourselves in changes as new opportunities present themselves. One thing job seekers tend to forget is that as their industry changes, so does their resume. Below are some key changes for an attention-grabbing […]

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