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I am a huge fan of holiday lighting, even when we aren’t in the thralls of the season.

I love to decorate with holiday lighting in the traditional ways, but I also like to place the light strands throughout my décor. Even using a strand in craft projects and as additional accent lighting can really make a space more inviting and draw in warmth at any time of the year.

I have gathered a few great ideas for decorative lighting, both non-holiday and holiday, that would be a great addition to any space!

1. Wooden Explore Sign
This project brought in just the right amount of accent lighting for this little room.
It’s made out of plywood and a strand of LED lights. I’m actually not the biggest fan of the color that LEDs put out, but it’s a great option in a kids’ space or area of high traffic where you want to avoid getting burned by hot light bulbs. And, for the most part, the LED bulbs don’t crack as easily as standard bulbs do.
Cut out your shape or word, drill the holes, insert the strand and you have yourself custom-made accent lighting.

2. Christmas Card Display
I love this time of year, and receiving all of the Christmas cards from friends and family is a huge highlight for us. We want them to be displayed, mainly because my kids love to look at them over and over.
I really love this idea, and it can be made to whatever size you need. It doesn’t take up a bunch of space, either.
A simple painted frame, lights attached to the back sides and a few clothes pins make this a great option to display your cards!

3. Mirrored Lights
This look has been a longtime favorite of mine, and it’s so simple to accomplish.
By using a large, framed mirror, drape a long, simple strand of lights along the top and down the sides.
The light strand will be a great source of accent lighting when you are getting ready for your day. And the mirror will reflect the light out, adding more light to your space.

4. Stocking Holders
I am a pretty big fan of using letters for stocking holders. There are a lot of options for this, from spelling out holiday words to using initials, and it’s a great way to personalize your mantel.
This is a really great alternative to buying expensive stocking holders, and you can grab as many as needed in the colors you want!

5. Rope Strand
Another option for your mantel during the holidays is to use a rope light strand and twist it into any shape or word that you would like. It’s a super-cute alternative to the stocking holders or for a wall.

6. Chair Accent
This one is easy as pie and makes the perfect little glow for either reading or as a light at night. Simply twist a strand of lights around the support of a chair, bed or any outer frame from a piece of furniture.

Once the Holidays are over, look here for other creative options to light up your space.

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