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Getting ready for the holidays can tend to put your head in a spin.

Not only do you have to make a list and go shopping for food and drinks, you have to tackle your Christmas list for family, friends and coworkers; clean your home; oh, and decorate for the season!

It definitely can get really overwhelming, really fast! But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be stress-free and not super time-consuming to get your space ready for the holidays.

One of our favorite go-tos is to layer places around our living space with greenery. You can go light or heavy; they can come in really large pieces or be trimmed to size; and if you buy fresh, they make a space smell wonderful!

I ran across several gorgeous and easy ideas when I was scouring for inspiration recently. Let’s run through a few that caught my eye, are super easy and make a huge impact!

1. Advent Calendar or Christmas Card Display
Trim fresh sprigs off a larger piece or grab a few from the craft store, then attach each one to a piece of twine using a clothespin. Repeat this process until you have several rows of twine.

Using numbered cards — handmade or store-bought — or Christmas cards you have received, attach each card in front of or behind a sprig, staggering them as you go.

2. Gift Wrapping
You’ll want to use medium-sized pieces that fit the size of the present for this; you don’t want the sprigs so little that they fall apart.

Secure one to each present with twine, baker’s twine or yarn. Wrap around the gift several times and then around the sprig. You can even use double-stick tape beforehand to make sure the sprig doesn’t slip.

3. Fresh Sprigs in Vases
This one’s probably the easiest project to tackle from this list! Simply cut fresh sprigs from a large piece and place in a clear vase or tumbler. Fill with fresh water and set in place. This would also make for a super pretty and streamlined look if duplicated into several vases in a row on your mantel, coffee table or dining table.

4. Hang Greenery Wreaths in Windows
This has to be one of my all-time favorite looks in a space. Using a wide roll of ribbon (grosgrain is a great ribbon to hold weight), loop through your wreath and attach to the top of your window frame with thumbtacks or removable VELCRO strips if you are attaching it to a wall. You can buy pre-made wreaths or make your own. Martha Stewart has an easy tutorial if you are wanting to use fresh greenery.

5. String Random, Individual Pieces in Your Doorway
This is a great use of simplicity and an easy way to fill in those forgotten and empty spots.

Start by trimming a few small pieces and use fishing wire, jewelry string or twine to tie a knot around the end of the twig. Secure it to the door frame with either tape or a thumbtack.

Take it to the next step by Using Holiday Lights in Your Home Decor.

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