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There are a wide variety of graphic throw pillows on the market, some of which have such bold designs that you may think you would have a hard time using them in your home. However, you can actually mix graphic throw pillows into any style of home décor with a few tips and tricks. If you have been thinking of mixing things up in your home, we have the ideas for you!

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Don’t be afraid! Give the pillows of your dreams a try by mixing and matching until your heart is content. This is your home, and décor experiments like these are temporary. Grab one or two pillows and start placing them around your home. Leave them for a few days and see if they grow on you. You might find that you are ready to go shopping for more and more!

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One of the easiest places to transition to a bolder look is outdoors. Often you can handle the bright colors and graphic patterns outdoors first. Pick up a few graphic throw pillows to spice up your plain outdoor furniture. These days you can find a wide variety in the home and garden section of any store. Just make sure they are outdoor pillows or use a weatherproof spray before setting them outdoors.

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Next, move to the bedroom and try a few more graphic options in this space. You can go with graphic patterns here, though maybe muted tones; many like a more serene feel in their sleeping space. Here we have some patterns on the throw pillows, but the tones are very soft. They do, however, play off of the graphic pattern in the shams well. Pick up the colors from your comforter or quilt and play around with your options.

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Step into another room in your home and throw a few fun options on any chair you have sitting around. You can go big by placing them on your sofa, but often a side chair in another room is a better place to start. If you are afraid of pattern and color, these areas will help you embrace the idea!

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Still not loving the color? Try graphic patterns in muted tones. Black, gray, white, tan and more can be found in pillows that will look amazing in your home. You still get a graphic throw pillow but don’t have to embrace the bright colors in your otherwise neutral home.

using graphic throw pillows in your home

Graphic throw pillows can be a great addition to any home. Start small and work your way up to adding a few to your main living area. You will love the temporary change you can get with just a few pillows. Plus, the graphic patterns and colors can really liven up a space and make it feel fresher!

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