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Container gardening is perfect for any small space, especially apartments. Pick the right plants and containers to have a gorgeous garden in the smallest of spaces. We have a few tips and tricks below to get you started on making the container garden of your dreams.

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Are you going to plant flowers or vegetables? Decide on the type of plants first, then research your container options. Start by measuring your space and setting your size restrictions. Then head to the garden center to determine the containers that will work in the space you have. There is a huge variety available, and you can even customize them with a little paint before adding in your plants.

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Begin with a quality potting soil to give your plants the best start in life. Pick up either plants or seeds to add to your pots while you are at the garden center. You will want to look for pots that have some sort of dish at the bottom to hold water. Pots outside in the summer can dry out extremely quickly. Make time to water your containers once you have them planted. A good daily watering will make all the difference in your success.

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Once you have everything planted, be sure to use some plant markers to identify your plants and seeds. You don’t want to forget what you have planted where. A simple craft stick with the name written on it in paint, pen or permanent marker will work great. 

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Next, you will want to think about options to make your container gardening vertical. This will allow you to use all the space in your outdoor area. You can accomplish this by building a plant stand or purchasing one from your local home improvement store. Here we made one that looks like a bench, but you can get creative with the style depending on the space you have available.

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You can also try hanging your plants on any vertical surface. Walls, fences and more are perfect for hanging pots. Here we created a mason jar herb garden and hung it on a wood wall. There are a variety of plant hangers available that will make hanging your container garden very easy. Try one of our hanging garden ideas in this post.

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Give these ideas for container gardening a try in your outdoor space this summer. You will be growing plants and flowers in no time with a minimal amount of space. Any apartment can successfully grow a container garden!

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  1. I do love the look of hanging baskets! What a fun way to garden in a small space!
  2. Great tips! My problem is always picking too small of a pot, and the plant doesn’t have enough room for the roots to really grow! I love having a garden at home though, so I will keep trying 😀 Love your blog by the way!


  3. Jessica says:
    This is what I’ve been working on this summer. Thanks for the advice!!
  4. Camille says:
    I love the idea of mason jar herb garden on the wall. Great for bare walls around the kitchen.
    Dropping by from Tink Tank Thursday link party 😀
  5. sahinhowlader says:
    If you’re feeling overcome concerning coming up with your garden, divide your area up and take it slowly, finishing one section at a time. do not begin another half till you’ve got finished the section you’re engaged on and extremely before long you’ll have a stunning garden. keep in mind gardens ar impermanent , it’s a method that’s for ever evolving. You ne’er extremely end.
  6. Kim Smith says:
    These are really cute ideas for a small space. I like the mason jars. My little grandson could watch the roots growing and we’d have a little teaching experience. He loves spaghetti, so I am sure he would enjoy an herb collection. Dropping by from Link Party Palooza.
  7. Ginger Wroot says:
    Great advice, and I love how your customized some of these pots! –Ginger
  8. Christine says:
    Great tips for apartment or even home living. Love these ideas.
  9. lorraine Williamson says:
    love the tips thanks for sharing have a great week

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