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You can find your decorations for Halloween around your yard or even the park. Try out these ideas for incorporating natural elements into your around-the-home Halloween décor this fall. These budget-friendly suggestions will not break the bank but add that extra spook inside or out. Be sure to try one or more of our ideas if you are having a Halloween party as well. All of our solutions are apartment-friendly as well as inexpensive.

natural elements to decorate for Halloween display

Start with something that is readily found almost anywhere: tree branches! I chose branches that still had lots of leaves, but you can try them either way. Spray-paint the branches black and add touches of metallic gold if desired. These spooky leaves and branches are perfect to add to a variety of places in your home. They will look super spooky indoors or out. Try hanging them from a wire outside to paint them, and allow them to dry completely before using them to decorate. You could also try black with touches of silver or even splatters of orange. This budget-friendly decorating idea is perfect for a spooky Halloween vignette. Try larger branches or a big cluster of smaller ones outside.

natural elements to decorate for Halloween

Wheat and pumpkins are two other fun natural elements that are perfect for Halloween. If you leave them in their natural state, you can transition these items to fall decorating easily. Since you have to purchase these natural elements, using them for double-duty decorating this fall will stretch your dollar a little further. If you don’t want to reuse them, you might consider using some spray paint on these to up the spooky factor!

natural elements to decorate for Halloween

You can also use pinecones in your home décor. Painted a neutral color like gold, these beauties will last all the way through the winter months and look fabulous. You can try silver as well for the same timeless look. Don’t walk by those pinecones laying on the ground again! Before painting your pinecones, be sure to bake them to get rid of any outdoor bugs. Then spray them outdoors with a few coats of your favorite spray paint. Allow to dry and they are ready to bring inside for your Halloween decorating.

natural elements to decorate for Halloween

Using natural elements to decorate for Halloween is budget-friendly and gorgeous! Follow our tips above and get started on your own spooky Halloween scene today. Whether you grab items from your own yard or from a public park, these ideas can be completed in just a few minutes. Try brainstorming a few of your own ideas as well. What other natural elements can you use in your decorating? Wildflowers or mums would look great in their natural state or even painted. Remember a coat of paint can make any natural elements go from “blah” to “wow” in seconds!

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