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Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us, and before you know it, Christmas will be here. The holidays seem to be flying by faster and faster each year! But let’s not skip over Thanksgiving just yet. It’s such a beautiful time of year to celebrate and relish in all the things we have to be thankful for. It’s a time for family and friends to get together and spend time making memories and enjoying all those delicious recipes together! When we’ve got meal plans, grocery store trips and family visits on our minds, it’s hard to think about décor, so today I’ve got a simple, last-minute Thanksgiving centerpiece idea for you that is sure to please!

Here are a few reasons this centerpiece is just plain awesome:
-It’s super easy to gather supplies and put together.
-The cost is very low.
-Since it’s not your traditional Thanksgiving colors, it will transition beautifully into Christmas.
-It doesn’t take up a large amount of space on your table.

Supplies needed to recreate this centerpiece:
-Glass jug or bottle
-Evergreen clippings
-Mini pumpkins

To recreate this centerpiece, all you need to do is simply cut a few pieces of evergreen stems off a bush or tree. You can often find these on walking trails and in parks (assuming it’s not illegal to pick in your chosen area), or if you don’t have easy access to any evergreens, oftentimes hardware stores will sell clippings for a very low price!

After you have your clippings, simply arrange the stems in a glass jug or bottle until your desired look is achieved. Make sure to add water to your jug or bottle in order to preserve your clippings.

Then just scatter a few mini pumpkins around and you’ll have a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece.

It’s often easy to overthink your decorations, especially when you throw the stress of the holidays into the mix. Sometimes it’s easier to just step back and go simple. Look for inspiration outdoors, and find your new favorite look in the seasons that lie just outside your front door.

For more ideas on Thanksgiving table decorations, check out this post and learn how to create a pumpkin vase! Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!

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