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    Organizing Apartment Chores

    Busy apartment life sometimes mean that household chores get put on the back burner. Especially if you live with friends or other roommates, you can easily think, “Oh, she’ll get the dishes when she gets home…I’m too busy,” or “He can empty the trash, not me.” In apartment living it is important to stress communication […]

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    Spruce up your PB&J

    Earlier this year on April 2nd, America celebrated National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. That’s right, the sandwich gets its own day. PB&J’s are wonderful quick sandwiches that are enjoyed by all ages. While it’s not April 2nd anymore, you can enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches any day of the year. You can also […]

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    Wallpaper your Kitchen

    If you are looking to refresh your kitchen and want something different than paint, try wallpaper! Today’s wallpaper is more exciting and easier to apply than the doctor’s office prints and textures of yesterday. Take a look at some wallpaper below and see if any of them inspire your next project.         […]

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    Low-Fat Mac and Cheese

    Love comfort food but hate the calories? Here is an interesting low-fat recipe for macaroni and cheese that includes fat-free cottage cheese. Try it the next time you get the craving for something cheesy. Instructions: Recipe from: allrecipes Pictures by: christina, MurderwithMirrors, and txukgal  on flickr.com

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  • DIY

    DIY: Make Your Own Wind Chime

    Wind chimes are a pretty addition to any front porch or garden. Wind chimes can even be placed inside the home for a lively decoration. It is easy to make your own wind chime, and it can be a fun craft that the whole family will enjoy. In order to make a traditional chime, all […]

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    The Battle of Cats versus Dogs

    Pets can be a wonderful and therapeutic addition to your lifestyle. If you have decided upon getting an animal, which do you go with: cat or dog? While many people favor either cats or dogs, there are some people who are borderline about which furry friend to include in their lives. Consider these variables when […]

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    Is a Pet Right for You?

    Do you find yourself wanting a pet? Just moved into a new place, and considering a furry friend? Keep these questions in mind when thinking about adding a pet into your lifestyle. Does your landlord have a pet policy? They might have a rule on no pets, only pets under 25 pounds, or they might […]

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    Spruce Up Your Bookcase

    Bookcases can be a boring part of an apartment, or they can be a fun part! Try these tips to spruce up your bookcase and make it a lively focal point of any room.       Paint the shelves and insides of your bookcase a different color   Put solid colored items on colored […]

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    Must-Read Classic Books

    Many of us had to read multiple classic novels in high school, and maybe a few works in college. After school years though, “classics” are often pushed aside for more popular, best-seller books. Here is a list of some of the well-known classics and works of literature in publication. Maybe you have read some? If […]

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    Odd Sports

    Cheerleading: Is it a sport or not? There has always been controversy over whether activities such as cheerleading, equestrian riding and other interests like them count as sports (I think they do).  Many of us enjoy playing sports like soccer or kickball, or even a game of ping pong or ice hockey. Here are some obscure […]

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  • Monthly Rental Calculator

    How much should I spend on rent? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This rental calculator will help you determine how much rent you can afford based on your annual income.

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