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DIY projects are great for those who are on a budget or feeling creative. You can go to yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets to find pieces of furniture that can be update to fit your home décor style. What makes DIY décor so special is the freedom you have to create whatever you want, however you want it. It is the ability to customize to your tastes. Living on a budget, I have become very inspired by DIY and have taken on initiatives to decorate my apartment through DIY projects. This DIY window coffee table is not only easy, but it was inexpensive as well.


Old window

4 – Heavy duty top plate fasteners

4 – Coffee table legs 13-16 inches in height

Table leg sliders

Paint (optional)



I went to the local flea market and found an awesome old window, which has been one of the latest trends. I personally enjoy the old paint job on the window; I think it looks more rustic this way, so I kept it. Be sure to clean and wipe down the window prior to making the table.

Due to the shape of the window, I used these heavy duty top plates from Home Depot to fasten the legs to the window. Because they are shaped like a triangle, you can’t see them when the table is right side up.


Source: Home Depot

The legs we purchased from Home Depot had screws in them already; making this process even easier.


Source: Home Depot

I purchased the table leg sliders from Home Depot as well.


Source: Home Depot


Flip window over so that the bottom side is up. Be sure to have it lying on a flat surface.

Take a top plate fastener and place on the corner. Using the drill, drill screws into the provided holes.

Repeat this on all 4 corners.

Take legs and using a hammer, nail the table leg sliders into the bottom of the table leg (the part that will be touching the floor once table is right side up. This will keep your table from scratching your floor as well as help you slide it on a carpet when necessary.

Once the fasteners are in place, take the legs and simple screw them into the center hole in the fasteners.

Table legs
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DIY coffee table
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Your DIY coffee table is complete!

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  1. Marjory Provenzo says:
    We truly enjoyed your project. It is the finest design I have seen. Where did you get your inspiration to make this project? Thanks for your help. I thought it was great. What are your ideas for your next project?

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