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A balcony for your apartment or house can be a fun feature, but if that balcony is small, it can feel very limiting. But don’t let the small size keep you from enjoying the fresh air and comforting environment a balcony can offer. Balconies can be made to feel bigger and more inviting no matter the size. ForRent.com is here to show you how you can make the most of a small balcony space.

One way to make good use of your balcony is to add a soft surface for you to walk on. Try placing a rug on the floor. This can make your balcony feel more like another room in your home.

With that in mind, you may also try adding seating to your balcony. A small wooden bench, patio chairs, or even a small outdoor sofa can work wonders. If you don’t have those, get some crates and place cushions on top. Crates can also work as a makeshift desk or table for your balcony. This basically creates more surfaces that you can place things on. Feel free to improvise!

Nothing spruces up a room quite like plants, and the same goes for a balcony. With more surfaces, you’ll have the space to put some green plants and colorful flowers to add more life to your balcony. Many plants can even hang off of balcony railings, meaning they take up little to no space while also giving a bit more privacy.

Getting enjoyment from your balcony is all in the details. A few colorful decorations here and there like a scented candle or thin blanket can make a balcony feel like home. Place some curtains to block out the sun during certain hours, or keep some books handy for a little afternoon reading. Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure anything you use can weather the elements. With these tips, you’ll soon be able to enjoy your new outdoor oasis!

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*We can’t promise you that the following techniques won’t get you in trouble with your property manager. Before you start any of these projects, make sure that you get written permission.

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