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Christmas is just right around the corner, and I love getting my kids involved with the Christmas decor. This year I put my mommy fears aside, and let my kids handle a needle. The holidays always remind me of when I was a little girl and the memories I have from that time, so I love to bring in a few old fashioned elements for my family. Popcorn garlands are something I have always wanted to make with my kids, and this year we finally did it!

Popcorn Garland Tree
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So today I’m going to share with you how we made our old fashioned popcorn garland. You will just need a few supplies and a little extra time on your hands : )


– Popcorn Kernels
– Small Brown Paper Bag
– Sewing Needle
– Thread

How to make an old fashioned Popcorn Garland:

First you will need to pop a whole lot of popcorn because there will be some snacking going on. Do not use pre packaged popcorn. It’s buttery, and would get expensive. Buy a bag of plain popcorn kernels. Put ¼ cup of the kernels into a lunch sized brown paper bag, and microwave as you normally would. Just a rule of thumb, when you don’t hear any popping for two full seconds, it is time to take it out. Repeat as needed.

Popcorn Garland Pop Popcorn
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 Then you are going to thread the needle and pull through some extra slack so the thread doesn’t slip off your needle. Do not cut the thread… we are going to leave it attached to the spool so you can adjust the length. Try to go through the thickest part of the popcorn kernel so that it doesn’t break off.

PopCorn Garland Needle
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Then slide the popcorn down the thread about 24-36 inches. We are going to work in small lengths so it doesn’t get all tangled up and break apart. This is a delicate garland.

Popcorn Garland Thread Popcorn
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Continue stringing your popcorn on the thread until you have your full 24-36 inches filled up. Then tie off both ends. Make as many of these sections as you need to your combined desired length, but be sure to leave slack at each of the ends so you can tie them together as you string them on the tree.

Popcorn Garland TieOff
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Now all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy your old fashioned Christmas with your friends and family and create those special moments!

Be sure to visit the ForRent.com blog often as we share our holiday tips, tricks, and decorations with you!

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  1. I used to make this garland when I was little too!! So fun!
  2. Such a fun idea!!! I haven’t made one of these in years but I know my kids would love to make a popcorn garland!
  3. We always had popcorn garland growing up! So cute Ashley!
  4. Ahhhh – I haven’t made popcorn garland since I was young! Love this!
  5. I can’t believe that I’ve never done this! Thanks for all the tips!
  6. How did you close the bag before putting it in the microwave?
  7. Minna Nilsson says:
    Wow – popping popcorn like this blew my mind! (first time I use that expression xD)
    I dunno how it looks like where you live, but here in Sweden we have the prepared bags or loose kernels to use on the stove and this is really the easiest way I’ve tried. Thank you!

    (and now I’m just hoping making the garlands will be as easy!)

  8. Ashley, I just had to make an old fashioned Popcorn Garland and it was as easy and you pointed out! Also tasty!
  9. Ashley, I just had to make this popcorn garland and it was as easy you wrote and tasty!

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